Events classificator: Goods for cottages and gardens

Contact information:

Organizer: ITE Expo International LLC
Contact person: Julia Markova
Phone: +7 (916) 887-6662

Entrance ticket costs:

Х At the exhibition Ч 1,000 roubles
Х Online Ч 500 roubles
Х Online with a promo-code CROCUSЧ free of charge

Short description:

MosHome is a professional platform where buyers are able to create an up-to-date product matrix that meets the demand of buyers and find quality substitutions to the brands exit the market.

The exhibition is held simultaneously with Russia's largest exhibition of building and finishing materials MosBuild. The ticket is valid for both exhibitions.

Х Home & Decorative
Х Daily dining & Kitchen
Х Household appliances & Consumer electronics
Х MosGarden. Outdoor garden
Х MosFit. Sports and fitness
Х Children goods
Х Pet goods
Х Festival & Christmas decoration