Events classificator: High technologies

About the exhibition:

Classificator: Industrial equipment / Power engineering / Upkeep of buildings / Machine building / Engineering, communal and urban structures / High technologies
Location: Pavilion 1 Halls 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Contact information:

Organizer: MVK (International Exhibition Company)
Contact person: Marina Maksimova
Phone: + 7 (495) 252-11-07 ext. 1691

Short description:

Heat&Power is a significant specialized exhibition of industrial boiler, heat exchange and power generating equipment for heat and power industry in Russia.

Demonstration of equipment of Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers

- 226 companies from Russia, China, the Republic of Belarus, Turkey, India and Korea

- 6 900 m² of exhibition space

Meeting place for manufacturers and customers

- 6,055 specialist visitors

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Contact information:

Organizer: Rosspetsmash Association
Contact person: Julia Mostovaya
Phone: +7 495 781 37 27 (ext.250)