Post-release of the exhibition Moscow Hobby Expo. November 2015 | Press releases of exhibitions held in Crocus Expo
Post-release of the exhibition Moscow Hobby Expo. November 2015
3 December 2015


7th International exhibition MOSCOW HOBBY EXPO

The 7th International exhibition Moscow Hobby Expo was held in November in the first pavilion of Crocus Expo IEC. The event became a point of attraction for racing drivers, pilots, seamen, magicians, soldiers, princesses, designers and collectors. 45 exhibitors from 15 regions of the Russian Federation and 8 foreign countries participated in the seventh edition of the event!

The exhibition confirms its special status from year to year, contributing to the development and popularization of modeling sport among young people. Autumn edition of Moscow Hobby Expo 2015 was traditionally held with official support of the Federation of Aircraft Modeling Sport of Russia, the Federation of Ship Modeling Sport of Russia and the Federation of Auto Modeling Sport of Russia.

A new exposition Gadget Fair 2015 was for the first time in Russia launched within Moscow Hobby Expo. Mobile interactive robots, personal gadgets for sport, Smart House components, mobile applications and games, and also other products from producers and developers of gadgets, trade chains, accessories’ suppliers and other players of the market were displayed at the exposition.

Thematic location of companies at Moscow Hobby Expo showed that such segmentation assisted visitors to easier orientate themselves at the exhibition and the exhibitors get a better effect of their participation in the exhibition. Our decision to organize our expanded floor space into sectors according to market segments was positively accepted by the exhibitors. It improved visitors navigation around the halls, made suppliers stands easy to find and provided our large show with more efficiency.

Moscow Hobby Expo is a unique event of unforgettable atmosphere. This is an exhibition "in movement", without boring stands and a sad-gray working situation: prompt model aircrafts, frisbees and kites fly over the heads of visitors, quick-moving radio-controlled machines scurry about on the floor and boats rush with lightning speed on open spaces of pools!

The new season brought bright novelties: numerous drones, gliders, mini-planes, developing toys, small copies of railroads and many other things!

As its popularity and success rate has grown over the last years the trade fair has developed to incorporate more than just an exhibition. These special events served to attract leading exhibitors and visitors and allowed all participants the chance to broaden their knowledge and of course their sales potential.

Visitors of Moscow Hobby Expo had an opportunity to discover the latest novelties and achievements of the modern hobby industry, and, as a result, a lot of new ideas for people of any age. Besides the organizers prepared a number of various surprises, unexpected master classes, colourful presentations, entertaining tournaments and draws of valuable prizes. Moscow Hobby Expo became a tremendous opportunity to meet new friends and to find adherents.

One of the most significant events – races in popular classes of electric car models NONChampionship of Russia 2015 was held for all fans of technical modeling and designing within the frames of Moscow Hobby Expo. The event was of great success both with the participants and the audience! Official trainings, qualifying group races and subsequent awarding ceremonies for the winners ran all three days in a festive atmosphere.

Tank Club Moscow creative association impressed again the visitors of the Moscow Hobby Expo by tank battles with participation of radio controlled tanks on a specially arranged ground. Tank Olymp 2015 was organized by the Federation of Tank Model Sports of Russia. Club members held master classes, seminars, competitions and talks with military hardware fans. Patriotic atmosphere, military films and tank battles formed an integrated part of the Moscow exposition.

The organizers of Moscow Hobby Expo would like to express their gratitude to exhibitors and attendees of the event for their creativity and would like to invite everybody to join the next project in 2016!

See you at Moscow Hobby Expo in spring 2016!

Press Service Crocus Expo IEC