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Post-release of the exhibition Gadget Fair 2015
1 December 2015


International exhibition Gadget Fair 2015

The International exhibition Gadget Fair 2015, the only in Russia project devoted to smart electronic devices which play more and more important role in active modern person life, was held November 13 through 15, 2015 in Crocus Expo IEC.

About 30 top national and international gadget manufacturers, software developers as well as commercial networks, suppliers of accessories and lots of others market participants participated in the event. Leading brands and emerging inventors showcased their best products at Gadget Show, providing everyone a chance to learn, experience and invest in the latest products on the market.

These devices have become a necessary addition to our persona wherever we go: in sport (fitness treadmill, smart bracelets, sports devices), in medicine (electronic plasters, tricorder, exoskeletons), in show business (smartphones, tablets, players, game consoles, glasses for virtual reality and many other things), safety (widgets for supervision over a situation in the house or in the apartment, sound shockers) and other spheres of life.

Uniqueness of the Gadget Fair project is in possibility not only to examine innovative solutions of the world of portable electronics but also to see them in operation. Dadget company, the official partner of the show, displayed a genuine shop at their stand. Unique dadgets: incredibly useful, up-to-date, and, above all, simple and easy to use gadgets could be purchased at the shop. The impressive range of goods allowed each visitor to find a "lifesaver" for all occasions.

CHЁZA Project creative agency presented a wide collection of sales leaders at the exhibition. Among "top-10" actual gadgets: smart watches, bracelets, clip-ons, fitness trackers and many other things.

Certainly gadgets are used everywhere in entertainment industry. The HOMIDO company presented virtual reality headset opening access to the world of the imagination at the exhibition. By combining 3D and 360° (head tracking feature), VR Gaming creates a brand new experience. One could immerse himself in the virtual environment and look around in all directions. Visitors of Gadget Fair 2015 had an opportunity to receive new dizzy impressions, having chosen themselves an appropriate adventure (racing rounds, journeys, roller coaster)!

Visitors of the fair were the first to see world premieres from the leading Russian and foreign brands. They had an opportunity to be directly involved in the entertainment festival program including interactive shows and competitions.

A B2B program targeted at representatives of small, medium and large business was also held at Gadget Fair 2015. Such key players of the market as Google, Lenovo, Dadget, DEVAR kids and others were among the organizers of the calendar of events.

Press conferences, videoconferences, master classes and technical seminars for representatives of the business segment allowed to expand business ties and to establish new contacts. Gadget Fair was an exhibition incorporating various show zones each of which was devoted to a certain theme. There was a variety of activities: presentations, promo actions and drawings. Robots show, test drives of electric bicycles, monowheel and segway races and many other entertainment events were held within the frames of the Gadget Fair 2015 in exhibition centre Pavilion 1 all three working days of the show!

Welcome to Gadget Fair 2016 and, perhaps, you will see something that seems today only a fantasy!

See you in Crocus Expo IEC in autumn 2016!

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Exhibition:  GADGET FAIR 2015