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Press-release of the international specialized exhibition Import Substitution
7 September 2015

International specialized exhibition

September 15-17, 2015
Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion 2, halls 5 and 8

Import Substitution is an International specialized exhibition aiming to display domestic competitive goods and services. The event is supported by the Government of the Russian Federation and federal executive authorities.

The goal of the event is summing up of the first results of the All-Russian Import substitution program implementation. The program has been developed on the basis of tasks set forth by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in the Message to the Federal Assembly of December 4, 2014.

The congress program of the exhibition is targeted to become a strategic tribune of the Government of the Russian Federation in the solution of one of the most actual economic and political challenges of modern Russia.

Import Substitution exhibition is:

  • a fundamental annual business event;
  • a meeting place of domestic and foreign producers / consumers of goods and services;
  • a unique opportunity to establish direct ties, to adjust cooperation for producers of equipment, materials, technologies and branch experts;
  • an effective platform for business communication, launch of new projects, acquaintance with global tendencies and prospects of development in import substitution;
  • actual marketing tool promoting successful development of business;
  • demonstration of opportunities of Russian enterprises in creation of competitive goods and services.

The goal of the event is assistance to acceleration of development, production and distribution of competitive Russian import substituting goods and services contributing to the development and saturation of national and foreign markets.

Various regions of Russia; industrial, transport and agricultural enterprises, scientific and design organizations, bodies of supervision and licensing; producers and developers of import-substituting technologies and services; organizations engaged in building of modern production objects; suppliers and subcontractors of Russian end product producers, state and public organizations; finance, leasing, insurance and investment companies; educational institutions and mass media are invited as exhibitors.

More than 350 companies take part in the project. Thus products from foreign economic partners from Slovenia, Tunisia, Belarus and other foreign countries will be displayed at the fairgrounds despite economic sanctions concerning Russia.

The exposition is to become a platform of review of opportunities and achievements in the field of competitive import substitution of goods and services both due to expansion and adjustment of own domestic production and to reorientation to new foreign suppliers and partners, the latest technologies, perspective developments and investment projects characterizing the scientific, technical and production capacity of Russia.

The congress program promote the solution of the following tasks: filling of the national and foreign markets with qualitative and competitive goods and services; increase of coordination level of activity of bodies providing functioning and development of competitive goods and services production; improvement of infrastructure and improvement of existing capacities usage for production of import substituting products; modernization of technologies in production of import substituting products; formation and development of international lines for transportation of necessary components to the territory of Russia; scientific provision for the development of import substituting products manufacture; increase of investment appeal of competitive products and services production in Russia and ensuring environment protection at import substituting products manufacture.

The project not only creates favorable conditions for expansion of business cooperation in promotion of advanced equipment, goods and services in the market of Russia but also contributes to the attraction of investments.

Official Opening Ceremony of the exhibition will take place September 15, 2016 at 02:00 p.m. in hall 8 of the second pavilion. Heads of the Government of the Russian Federation, Legislative Assembly of the Russian Federation, ministries of Russia, regions of Russia, leading enterprises and organizations of the country and also foreign guests will participate in the ceremony.

Questions-and-answers session will be held after the opening ceremony.

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