Post release of the 17th International exhibition of automotive industry InterAuto
7 September 2022

17th International exhibition of automotive industry InterAuto

The 17th International exhibition of automotive industry InterAuto was held August 23 through 26, 2022 at Crocus Expo. The exhibition was supported by the Association of Russian Automakers NP (OAR). The organizer of the event was Crocus Expo. For 17 years, the InterAuto exhibition has provided an opportunity to open up the potential of Russian enterprises and increase the level of competitiveness of domestic products in the national and global automotive markets.

The project clearly demonstrated modern achievements in the service and production of components for the automotive industry. The range of displayed articles and services covered all related products including automotive spare parts, components, equipment for car repair and maintenance stations, car care chemistry, accessories, tyres and expendables.


Companies from the Republic of Belarus, Russia, Greece, Japan, Iran and China presented their products and services at the exposition.

Triangle Tyre stand displayed an expanded in 2022 range of tyres for commercial transport. They introduced two new models of winter truck tyres: TRD66 and TRS66. The tyres benefit the following advantages: deeper tread pattern design provides longer service mileage; interlaced deep groove pattern provides good traction and braking performance; big block design provides good puncture and cuts resistance; open and wide tread groove design provides good self-cleanness and heat elimination; and designed for the driving axle of trucks and trailers on highway, rural and building site roads. The company also had started production of tyres for heavy duty trucks TR691JS in patterns 315/80R22,5 22PR.

RAVENOL launched a new RAVENOL Racing 4-T Motorbike range with USVO technology. Extensive comparison tests had made clear the benefits of the new RAVENOL motorcycle oils. CleanSynto© engine cleaner is a proven formulations fulfill the minimum requirements for standard lubricants. CleanSynto® quality supports the trend towards longer oil change intervals and meets the constantly growing engine hygiene requirements. The company was granted certification approval according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

Yaroslavl plant Russian Coatings has been producing paint products for more than 180 years. Thanks to advanced technologies, its own scientific developments, investment and production capabilities, Russian Coatings AO is the sole enterprise in Russia on the TOP 100 list of leading global paint and coatings manufacturers, according to the data of the American Coatings World magazine. 2 product lines of auto repair systems were displayed at the exhibition: VIKA and ARMAX. Auto repair system VIKA is a full range of paints and coatings for professional and amateur car repair of domestic and foreign production. The compact range under ARMAX brand features fillers, primers, varnishes and auxiliary materials, the most popular among professionals.

A significant part of the exposition was presented by companies from China (including FANDEWEI HENAN AUTOMOBILE PRODUCTS CO., LTD, ZHEJIANG PETRAN NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD, SL TRANS, XTOOLTECH INTELLIGENT CO., LTD). A number of joint business events took place with participation of their specialists.


Every year InterAuto provides the perfect platform for newcomers. New companies joined the list of exhibitors every year, among InterAuto debutants are: Green Car (the only sales operator of products under the trademarks OCTAFLUID, MAXCOOL, GREEN CAR); ACIS (a company specializing in equipping, installation and maintenance of gas stations and car washes); Prosto Energy (a Russian-Belarusian joint venture developing comprehensive solutions in the field of energy supply for electric vehicles); Micrometan (an enterprise supplying natural gas compressors for refueling vehicles in private houses and at automobile enterprises) and many others.


A new section Autocomplex was held within the frames of the InterAuto exhibition this year. The section was designed to demonstrate the latest models of equipment, technologies and turnkey construction of fuel stations and other facilities of car services, charging points for electrical vehicles. Electric transport and charging infrastructure, environmentally friendly technologies, automation, convenient payment systems, developed related services and the transition to automatic fuel stations were presented within the Autocomplex section.


The Russian-Chinese Business Forum was held August 24 within the frames of the business program of InterAuto.

Forum experts from the Russian side were: Nikolai Valuev (Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the VI and VII convocations); Ekaterina Eremina (Public Commissioner for cargo transport and interregional cargo transportation); Artur Terisayan (Public Commissioner for Transport); Alexander Korotkov (President of the STOR Expert Guarantee Association); and Anton Yakovlev (CEO of Experts from the Chinese side were 14 representatives of factories and enterprises for the production of automotive parts. On the Chinese side, the discussion was chaired by Ma Shuang (Chairman of the Beijing Yabaolu International Chamber of Commerce (BYICC), Head of the Center for International Trade and Economic Development between Beijing and Moscow).

The following issues were discussed at the forum:

  • the state of the Russian market for automotive components, spare parts and related goods;
  • import of auto parts to the Russian market in new realities;
  • peculiarities of exporting auto parts and auto components from the PRC;
  • certification and quality assurance system for Chinese products;
  • common issues of cooperation between companies from the Russian Federation and the PRC in the market of automotive components, spare parts and related goods.

The outcome of the meeting was a cooperation agreement signed between the Russian STOP Association and the Beijing Yabao Road Chamber of Commerce.

The International conference Approaches to Construction and Development of Gas Stations in Different Countries - 2022 was held August 25 within the frames of the Autocomplex section. The following thematic blocks were presented within the program:

  • Design, construction, equipment for petrol stations, mini petrol stations, gas stations, gas compress stations, oil depots, fuel depots.
  • Organization and the best practices of non-petrol service of filling stations: catering system, release of online store goods, pharmacies.
  • Training for gas station employees, informative trips for the managerial staff to exchange experience.

Russian companies and manufacturers from friendly countries managed to find new partners, choose suitable logistics solutions and demonstrate import substituting products in the new economic realities at the InterAuto exhibition.

See you at Crocus Expo August 22 through 25, 2023!

Exhibition:  INTERAUTO