Post release of the 15th International exhibition of boats and yacht Moscow Boat Show
18 March 2022



The 15th International exhibition of boats and yachts Moscow Boat Show, one of the most significant events for the professionals of the yachting business and a platform for presentation of new branch developments and a meeting place for business and professional communication, was held March 3 through 6, 2022. The organizer of the project was Crocus Expo, the expo venue which ranks at the top among exhibition centers of Russia and Eastern Europe.

The spring exhibition is an ideal start for the yachting season: exhibitors get the opportunity to profitably present their products and evaluate their demand on the market, determine promising distribution channels and find new customers, hold many direct negotiations and conclude profitable contracts in a short time.


One could find everything to make life on water better, more enjoyable, easier, safer and more fun at the Moscow Boat Show: a wide range of boats, accessories and equipment for your boat and crew. There was something for everybody who enjoyed the life at sea; boat owners, boat enthusiasts, families, fishing enthusiast, water lovers and curious beginners.

Top players of the market displayed their products, equipment and related services: Prestige Yachts, M-Power Group, Boatmarket, ExpertMarine, Mixtmarine, Libhof, VBOATS, Bossforr, Volga Boat, Slider, Smart Yachts, Berkut Marine, Korporativ Verf and many others.

The following exhibits were of primary interest at the show:

  • One of the most budget and yet stylish models of houseboats for year-round accommodation from Its advantage is that it is both a boat and a house, and such a "floating" home can be comfortably transported with a trailer.
  • PHOENIX SPEV plastic boats - namely, PHOENIX 510BR and more protected PHOENIX 530HT. The main advantage of these models is the dimensions: the boat can be easily transported by car which makes it an ideal weekend boat. Also PHOENIX 560 boat with a full-fledged cabin and PHOENIX 600HT - a business class watercraft were presented to the audience.
  • ALBAKORE aluminum boats - mobile ALBAKORE 470 in the 4.7 meters class, dynamic ALBAKORE 560 and a novelty for the most unpredictable weather conditions - ALBAKORE 680.
  • A comprehensive choice of onboard marine electronics instruments including autopilots, radars, GPS, navaids, fishfinders, safety and communications equipment from RAYMARINE.
  • The first in the world outboard diesel CXO300 that delivers up to 300 hp from Cox Powertrain.
  • Standard electric installations of different capacities from Ellisabeth Electric, which offers upgrade of small vessels to electric engines. The installations can be used on gliding and jet boats with all types of engines and any range of travel.
  • Bereg PF presented the Bereg-520 aeroboat, which consisted of a paramotor based on a 110 hp HondaL15 engine and a PVC 520 cm boat. A feature of the model is high cross-country ability in shallow waters, on rocky rivers, ice and snow due to the armored bottom.

The Moscow Boat Show guests saw for the first time:

  • AXOPAR Spyder Finnish boat (Life Motor Boat). AXOPAR 22 Spyder was granted in November 2021 the Best of Boats award.
  • Saxdor Yachts Finnish boats (Boutique.Yachts). Saxdor 200 Sport is the WINNER of the European Powerboat of the Year 2021 in the category Up to 8 m, Motorboat of the Year 2021, Best of Boats 2020.
  • Aluminum boats and pontoons produced by a Swiss shipbuilding company Smartliner (Aquasport).
  • Powerful motor engines made from a unique material, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), from a new participant of the show Boat Yard.
  • Surfboards with motor from global brands Awake, Raddin, Fliteboard, Lift Foil, and petrol jetboards of Mako (Great Britain) and JetSurf (Czech Republic), a completely new unique invention in the water-engine equipment market - the Sea-Doo Spark serial model, turned into a mini-jet boat, the first-ever water bike Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 (MOTOSURFING).


A large scale business program had been prepared for the visitors of the Moscow Boat Show 2022, which featured lectures by professional yachtsmen, sportsmen, journalists and other honored experts.

Key events:

  • Round table on the topic New Legislation on Small Vessels. Digitalization of State Services for Boatmasters’ Certification, Vessels Inspection and State Registration. New instructions of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in this area had come into force in March 2022 and therefore it was necessary to know how to work in changed conditions. The event was held by Mikhail Kulik, an author of books on small vessels and a lawyer.
  • Sergey Gordleev, Head of the Department of Scientific Research and Innovation, made a presentation on the topic Civil (small) Fleet and Infrastructure. Foresight Thinking.
  • The attendees were given a lecture Opportunities for the Development of Tourist River Routes for Recreational Inland Fleet of the Russian Federation: Projects and Ways of Real Implementation. Ilya Bushtukhin, a maritime lawyer, yacht manager and surveyor, and Gennady Chizhov, a leading specialist, spoke at the lecture. Mega yacht managers were attracted by Ilya Bushtukhin's second lecture on delicate situations that arise in their work.
  • The Sailing Academy training center held the Open Hour, dedicated to the issue of becoming a skipper and helmsman as well as taking the first steps in charter.

Among other attractive events were: round table devoted to the development of students sailing sport organized by the Students Sailing League; round table where one could learn about the current experience of passing skipper exams at the Russian Yachting Federation (VFPS), the State Small Vessels Inspectorate (GIMS) and IYT; master class held by Irina Smorygo, a business coach, on how to use YouTube as a channel for attracting customers.

Visitors of all ages had an opportunity to participate in various activities in the interactive pool during all days of the show. The TimeTrial company organized boatings: kayaks, canoe, fishing boats and pack rafting. Everyone was invited to try SUP surfing: family SUP board, SUP polo and pleasure SUP boards. One had an opportunity to experience zorba riding and more.

Safety Boats company organized Races on Optimist class yachts for children. Carbon Center and ZigZag demonstrated the Luch class yachts. And the MosBoatShow Cup for racing on radio-controlled yachts took place on the final day of the Moscow Boat Show,.

Moscow Boat Show is the event intended for a wide audience which became very popular among yachting devotees. It is a multiformat project incorporating exposition, business events, impressive show programs and educational events. In 2023 the show will be held March 2 through 5 – keep updated at the official website of the project at!

See you at Crocus Expo within the Moscow Boat Show!