Announcement of the 29th Moscow International Optical Fair (MIOF 2021. Autumn)
4 August 2021



The 29th International Optical Fair (MIOF), the meeting place of the leading distributors of global brands of medical optics and ophthalmology with representatives of wholesale and retail trade, will be accommodated in Crocus Expo September 14 through 16, 2021. Twice a year, more than 3,000 specialists in the field of medical optics and ophthalmology gather on the same platform. The organizer of the project is Crocus Expo, the expo venue which ranks at the top among exhibition centers of Russia and Eastern Europe.

Today, MIOF is one of the leading b2b events of the optical industry for business communication, exchange of experience and obtaining professional knowledge. The exposition covers all segments: of the optical industry: eyeglasses fashion (frames and sun glasses), eyeglass and contact lenses, care means for medical optics, diagnostic equipment, software for salons of optics, various accessories, trade equipment for opticians, specialized optical editions and many other things. More than 80% of visitors to the exhibition are loyal attendees.

Participation in MIOF is an opportunity to get acquainted with trends and innovations in the industry in just three days, compare market offers and make a balanced decision on procurement for the upcoming season - about 75% of visitors hold this opinion. At the same time, over 85% noted that they were able to conclude new contracts within the framework of the spring edition of MIOF.


The exposition of the autumn edition of the trade fair will be formed by well-known companies operating in the Russian market and representatives of foreign brands, including: Markisa Project, Optic Dias, Megapolis, New Optica, Balero-MC, Stofmoff and others. Companies from Armenia, Belarus and China have already confirmed their participation.

Exhibitors will present to visitors their novelties in all areas of the industry: glasses, lenses, professional equipment, software for optics salons and much more.


The 5th scientific and practical conference on children's ophthalmology and optometry Kids Vision will be held within the frames of the calendar of events. The purpose of the event is to present the current state of medical care in optics and specialized clinics, to talk about new ideas, technologies and products of this sector.

The interim results of the summer charity action Glasses for Children with Rare Genetic Diseases which forms the integral part of the Kids Vision project will be announced at the conference. The action has been initiated and organized by charitable foundation Kids Vision NPO, MOO MCP Raduzhka with the participation of the Aniridia Center of the Pediatric Department of the Central Research Bureau of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The program of the conference offers a number of various events including seminars, training courses, presentations and lectures. Medstar, Optics Gallery, МОК-BBGR, Opticus, KeyOpticalRussia, Akademoptika, Leglama, Mondottica, Rodenstock, Optic City, Lendar render support to the project. The companies will be granted diplomas.

Besides a section Rare Eye Diseases and Poor Vision will be organized within the frames of the project. Famous scientists and practitioners will take part in the section: Kononov L. B., Ph.D., Head of Eye Microsurgery of the Morozov Children's Hospital; Bondar V.A., pediatric ophthalmologist, author of the book About Vision for Responsible Parents; Demchinsky A.M., Ph.D., Head of medical projects of ANO Sensor-Tech Laboratory; Kondratova S.E., ophthalmologist, researcher at the Research Institute of Pediatrics and Child Healthcare of the Central Research Bureau of the Russian Academy of Sciences, chief doctor of the Center for Optical Correction of Vision Akademoptika; Sennovskaya O.V., ophthalmologist, Director General Mir Zreniya; Lyubimova M.P., specialist in orienteering, mobility and self-care of blind and visually impaired; Gening G.N., Ph.D., Member of the Board of Directors Aniridia Europe, Representative of Russia in Aniridia-NET (COST), President and Member of the Scientific Committee of MOO MCP Raduzhka.

Specialists are invited to online registration to get free e-ticket to the trade fair. The deadline for the online registration is September 13 at 20:00. The price of the ticket at ticket offices during the event period is 250 RUB.

See you at Crocus Expo September 14 through 16, 2021!