Post release of the 13th International exhibition of boats and yacht Moscow Boat Show | Press releases of exhibitions held in Crocus Expo
Post release of the 13th International exhibition of boats and yacht Moscow Boat Show
9 April 2020



Results 2020 (facts and figures):

Exposition space: 15 000 sq m
Visitors: 12 000
Visitors-specialists: 56%
Exhibitors: 138
Participants’ geography: Bulgaria, Germany, Greece,
Denmark, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Russia, Singapore,
the USA, Tunisia, Turkey, France, Croatia, Japan
Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg,
Izhevsk, Kazan, Kaluga, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk,
Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Saratov, Sevastopol, Yaroslavl

The 13th International exhibition of boats and yachts Moscow Boat Show, one of the most significant events for the professionals of the yachting business, a platform for presentation of new branch developments and a meeting place for business and professional communication was held March 5 through 9, 2020 in Crocus Expo. The organizer of the show is Crocus Expo which ranks near the top among expo venues of Russia and Eastern Europe.


138 companies from different parts of the world including Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, the USA, Tunisia, Turkey, France, Croatia and Japan gathered on the Moscow Boat Show fairgrounds. Domestic developments were demonstrated by manufacturers and distributors from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Izhevsk, Kazan, Kaluga, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Saratov, Sevastopol, Yaroslavl and other Russian cities.

Structured to aid ship owners and operators optimize the performance of their fleets, the exhibition is an important industry professionals meeting place which brings together representatives from all sectors. It creates a forum where buyers and sellers can gather under one roof to conduct business and enhance industry knowledge, to build and promote a certain image in order to facilitate future agreements. In particular, the project adds value in terms of technology leadership and the building of complex ship types, benefitting all stakeholders by showcasing innovative technology and advanced shipbuilding systems.

The exhibitors presented motor and sailing yachts, boats, electroboats, electric motors, design trimarans, pontoons, accessories, equipment and other integral components of the powerboat equipment world.


Among participants of the trade fair top players of the market Smart Yachts, Prestige Yachts, West Nautical, Ultraboats, Меrcury, M-Power, HARMAN and others were traditionally.

At Moscow Boat Show 2020, for the first time in Russia, West Nautical presented Fairline F-Line 33 – a beautifully sculptured day boat, the first model in F-line family. Its worldwide debut had taken place in September 2019 at the Cannes Yachting Festival. 

GALEON 400 FLY, the fourth-generation yacht family, one of the smallest models to offer the innovative “beach mode”, the highest tier of manoeuvrability and stability while on the waves, became the highlight of Smart Yachts stand.

Fishleader presented in Russia Anytec A27C, a powerboat of a new model combining elegant design, unparalleled comfort and fantastic performance.

National producer, Forward company, displayed their novelty ISLAND BOAT trailer pontoon, transformer developed in cooperation with Bogema Auto. This flattish boat relies on floats to remain buoyant, designed for active leisure, hunting and fishing. It contains a lot of reserve buoyancy and allow designers to create massive deck plans fitted with all sorts of accommodations.

Webasto Rus company, the Russian subsidiary of Webasto Group, actively expands its positions at the dynamically developing market of Russia. In particular the company is a loyal participant of profile exhibitions. Webasto Rus displayed a range of vessel liquid and air autonomous heaters, autonomous air conditioners and sliding panels specially designed for vessels, and a number of novelties.

HARMAN demonstrated a new marine JBL series: acoustic systems, subwoofers, amplifiers and other equipment for installation and use on a ship or in any open vehicle.


In 2020 the Moscow Boat Show was supplemented by innovations of the fishing industry and goods of tourist purpose. The visitors had an opportunity to test gear, bait, outfit and get recommendations of authoritative specialists on peculiarities of application of different types of equipment, fishing techniques and other professional lifehacks for fishing. Ultron, Megatex NPP, J.B.Wobbler, GetWood, Wooxa, Lamzak Drim and other companies were among exhibitors of the new section.


National producers have been actively entering the water transport market for more than a year and represent decent, competitive products. Moscow Boat Show provides Russian companies with a unique chance to draw attention to their products. This year among them were Slider, Berkut-Marine, ENIGMA shipyard, SPEV Company, ASCLAS Production Company, Northern Shipbuilding Company and many others.

For example Lodka Market displayed Gladiator Russian brand boats, a manufacturer of boats and boat motors made of high quality materials at own plant Weihai BS Marine Co. Ltd. (Weihai, PRC).

ТМ Gladiator displayed SUP boards. The company closely monitors advanced technologies that help make its production better – modern materials and quality control allow making SUP boards of excellent quality, which are gaining popularity in rental where operating conditions are the toughest.

GS-SPORT GROUP displayed a wide range of goods for jet-surfing, windsurfing, kiting, wakeboarding and water skis, SUP surfing and active recreation on water. The range of products includes snowboard and ski clothing, urban winter clothes, thermal underwear, protection, gloves, accessories, equipment for snowkiting, snowboards. It is also available equipment of any level.


A special promo zone for charter operators providing services in different countries of the world was organized within the frames of the Moscow Boat Show 2020. Anyone had an opportunity to choose one’s own direction and go on a fascinating trip through the water spaces with the help of specialists from Egocharter, NausYs, Stadler Yachting, Nomicos Yachts and others.

West Istanbul Marina that welcomes yachts of all shapes and sizes was among exhibitors as well. It is not only a mooring place but also a comfortable place for pleasant leisure, a huge complex providing services of beach/yacht/sailing&water sports club, hotel, fitness&spa, restaurants and boutiques.


A tight program of exhibition-related events enabled everyone to obtain comprehensive information on how to organize efficient and profitable business within a company in line with all the requirements of modern economy. A variety of professional seminars, lectures, contests, meetings with representatives of authorities, professional networking and workshops became another centre of attraction for the Moscow Boat Show key audience and an interesting source of publications in specialized and business mass media.

A number of master classes with participation of famous yachtsmen, coaches and branch organizations representatives was held March 5 on the opening day of the exhibition.

Round table talks of the Russian Yachting Federation (VFPS), an open questions-and-answers session and a round table of the All-Russian Sailing Federation (VFPS) Key aspects and prospects for the development of import substitution in the sailing industry were held the same day.

Vladimir Markin, Deputy Director on Investments and FGBU Development, told about best practices of on-water projects and priority investment projects in the Moscow Canal basin.

Military historical club SOM (Naval Sailors Combined Detachment) arranged a special exposition devoted to the II World War: the uniform and equipment of naval sailors of that period, models of weapons and historical exhibits brought from expeditions to battlefields. Club members told about War events as well as about our days’ reconstructions and interactive platforms, which have been held in Russia and abroad. The visitors had an opportunity to try on the uniform and take pictures with historical weapons.

Albert Nazarov, member of Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME), fellow of Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA), a Chartered Engineer (UK), a member of Associations of Designers of Russia (ADR) and Director of Albatross Marine Design, told about the design of small water crafts aiming to develop functional outcomes that work within a pleasing appearance.

A round table talks with participation of the State Inspectorate for Small Size Vessels (GIMS) and the Ministry of Emergency Situations members Issues of Preparation for Navigation 2020, were also held within the frames of the business program.

The Moscow Boat Show visitors traditionally enjoyed a number of entertainment events on the water – family fun is always an important part of the project.

Attractions such as short water races, races on radio-controlled yachts, training courses for children from Moscow children's sports schools were held during all days of the show, from March 5 to March 9, in the specially equipped pool. A yacht quest with prizes and surprises was organized for family teams with children.

Moscow Boat Show promotes the involvement of young people in sailing activities, demonstrating the advantages of yachting and water sports and giving young visitors an opportunity to enroll in yachting schools.

Today Moscow Boat Show is the only indoor exhibition of yachting and related topics in Russia and one of the most successful industry projects – every year the number of participants grows, the list of thematic sections increases. According to the results of 2020, more than half of the exhibitors decided to participate in the next exhibition. For most of them, Moscow Boat Show is a place to strengthen competitive positions, one of the main platforms for establishing and developing contacts with clients and partners.

See you in 2021!