Press release of the 25th Moscow International Optical Fair (MIOF 2019. Autumn) | Press releases of exhibitions held in Crocus Expo
Press release of the 25th Moscow International Optical Fair (MIOF 2019. Autumn)
30 August 2019



Figures and facts (Spring19):

Exhibition space: > 8 600 sq m
Exhibitors: 116
Participants geography: Belarus, Great Britain,
Germany, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada,
China, the Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Switzerland
Russian regions: 16
Visitors: > 3 000

The anniversary 25th MIOF exhibition, the leading branch event which twice a year incorporates on the same platform more than 3 000 specialists from the sphere of medical optics and ophthalmology, will be accommodated in Crocus Expo September 10 through 12, 2019. The organizer of the project is Crocus Expo, expo venue which ranks at the top among exhibition centers of Russia and Eastern Europe.

Today MIOF is the largest national business and educational platform, the meeting place for distributors of global brands with representatives of wholesale and retail trade. Due to a large number of professionals among visitors the participation in the trade fair opens direct access to new clients: specialists exchange experience and strengthen business contacts, foreign companies find reliable partners for their work in Russia on a long term basis.

The exposition covers all segments of the optical industry: eyeglasses fashion (frames and sunglasses), eyeglass and contact lenses, care means for medical optics, various related accessories, diagnostic equipment, software for salons of optics, trade equipment for opticians, specialized optical editions and many other things.


The largest companies of the Russian optical industry including Avvita, Inveco Holding, Marcolin Rus, Megalopolis, New Optics, Optic Dias and others are among participants of the MIOF September edition. There are also debutants of the 2019 SkyOptix laboratory, GRESSO, OCULISTICA, Exhibitors geography covers Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada and Russia. Several producers represent China.

Calendar of events

The Business and Educational Forum featuring events of various formats (seminars, training courses, presentations and etc.) forms an integral part of the MIOF exposition annually. This year the 3rd scientific and practical conference on children's ophthalmology and optometry Kids Vision, sponsored by Galereya Ochkov company, will be also held September 10 and 11 within the frames of the trade fair.

Kids Vision will cover issues related to implementation of the following tasks: distribution of information on protection of children's vision, preventive measures and treatment of ophthalmologic diseases; rendering of charitable help to children from underprovided families which needed a complicated eye treatment. The opening ceremony of the conference will take place September 10 at 10:00.

The myopia rate remains high in the majority of countries of the world. The main reasons for this are a lack of physical exercise and the prolonged use of digital devices among young consumers. Several reports within the frames of the Kids Vision conference will be devoted to the problem. For example, Rano Ibragimova, an ophthalmologist, PhDs in medicine and the medical consultant of Essilor-LUIS-Optica, will speak September 10 at the conference with the Pandemic of Myopia is a Reality. Review of Methods of Control of Progressive Myopia report. Andrey Shmakov, PhDs in medicine, Doctor Lenses Consulting company CEO, will also speak about the problem in his report Evolution and Evolution Orthokeratology in Russia: Effective Help for Children and Adolescents with Progressive Myopia.

A charity event for aniridia patients and albinos children with participation of the MOK-BBGR and the Galereya Ochkov companies will take place within the frames of the Kids Vision conference. New sponsors joined them in 2019: an agreement on rendering services in selection of frames and to the order of lenses for albinos has been concluded with Optical Net, on distribution of cases for frames with Eyetech Optical and on handover of frames with Armati group.

A number of lectures within the frames of the Educational Forum will cover certain issues related to technical methods of work with famous brands. M.A. Kulikova, Rodenstock Rus professional consultant for ophthalmic issues), will speak on the topic Innovative and Exclusive Optical Products from the company Rodenstock (Germany). The Increase in Professional Status and Profit of Ooptical Salon. Sebastien Pinard, International Marketing department and training unit lenses for eyeglasses Nikon manager, will make a lecture Solution from Nikon When You Have a Complex Spectacle Correction.

Traditionally in September the MIOF management and the Market Assistant Group company announce the beginning of preparation to the Golden Lorgnette contest within the frames of the business program. So the organizers will tell about terms and regulations of the contest for the Russian National Award Golden Lorgnette 2020 and review successful cases from the project participants.

Professionals of the optical industry producers, suppliers, representatives of trading companies and science, employees of the medical branch highly appreciate conditions created for their effective work, noting that MIOF is a really significant event for the branch.

Participation in the project provides a unique opportunity to present a company and products to a distinctly selected targeted audience of industry specialists. Moscow International Optical Fair is an event for professionals, experts and producers, one of the most important platforms of our country for demonstration of the latest achievements. The exhibition serves as an indicator of the branch state and tendencies of its further development, allowing to present advanced technologies, equipment and materials, to establish new and to strengthen already existing business relations.

See you in Crocus Expo!