Spring renewal: Hunting, Fishing and Tourism Territory, International trade fair | Press releases of exhibitions held in Crocus Expo
Spring renewal: Hunting, Fishing and Tourism Territory, International trade fair
15 December 2017

Spring renewal: International trade fair

The popularity of hunting, fishing, tourism and other types of outdoor activities grows dynamically well reasoning the demand for events of the profile and confirming the need for their holding.

International trade fair Hunting, Fishing and Tourism Territory will be launched March 8 through 11, 2018 in Crocus Expo (Pavilion 3, hall 14). The goal of the project is assistance in solution of the following tasks:

  • promotion and distribution of goods and services;
  • search of new business partners;
  • improvement of distribution channels;
  • business networking and experience exchange with colleagues.

Hunting, Fishing and Tourism Territory provides the perfect platform for communication and interaction of professionals from fishing, hunting and tourism branches, fearless travelers and all devotees of nature.

Companies from different regions of Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Udmurt Republic, Arkhangelsk, Ivanovo, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov, Tver, Tambov, Chelyabinsk and other areas) will present the widest range of long-awaited novelties and the most demanded goods: clothing, footwear, ammunition, equipment, accessories for hunting, fishing and tourism; fishing supplies (tackles, baits, lure, accessories, equipment and outfit); gadgets (navigators, echo-depth sounders, systems of tracking, automotive accessories); vehicles for active recreation (special cars, boats and motors); weapon (knives, cutlery) and many other things on the exposition space which exceeds 5 500 sq m!

In anticipation of the next season the guests of the trade fair will be able to update and refresh their arsenal, outfit, to buy useful devices and everything necessary from the famous players of the market: Okun TD, GPS Service, TUNDRA (St. Petersburg), Praktik-NTs, Pole-M and others.

The Hunting, Fishing and Tourism Territory visitors will be the first to appreciate novelties:

  • equipment for waterfowl hunting apparel and gear from BANDED-AVERY Greenhead Gear (USA) and Sport Plast (Italy) which will be presented by Pole-M;
  • Lucky FF618 echo-depth sounders and fish finders for ice fishing, Lucky FF916 WiFi portable sonar wireless WIFI fish finder with GPS module from the Lucky company;
  • anchor Klyk from Radikal experimental design bureau;
  • a new family of four- and eightvein fishing cords from the PETROKANAT company.

Besides there will be organized various event of entertainment and business program. Everybody willing will have an opportunity to participate in the programs.

Skill Camp will be specially organized for all willing to master required skills during active outings and camping trips. The event will introduce campers to the power and practical value of the natural world as they learn to survive and thrive outdoors. Everybody will have an opportunity to learn essential survival skills – navigation, animal tracking, tool making, fire safety – to keep them safe and self-reliant in the wilderness. Campers will tackle challenges suited to their age and skill level, advancing as their proficiency and comfort grow. They will manage to deepen their survival skills and build confidence outdoors.

Producers and distributors of goods and services for fishing, hunting, tourist and sports branches, and all fans of outdoor activity are kindly invited to the new trade fair of Crocus Expo program!