Press-release of the 21st Moscow International Optical Fair (MIOF 2017. Autumn)
15 September 2017



The 21st Moscow International Optical Fair (MIOF), a significant event for the professionals of the optical industry, will be held September 19 through 21 in Crocus Expo.

The project unites the leading distributors of world brands of medical optics, representatives of chain stores distributing optical products (wholesale and retail), experts in the field of optometry, ophthalmologists, experts in the field of protection of sight and representatives of specialized mass media.  

95 companies from 12 regions of Russia (Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Vladimir, Volgograd, Kaluga, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Rostov, Tambov, Tomsk and Yaroslavl regions, the Republic of Crimea) and foreign countries (Italy, China, Belarus and others) will display the latest developments in the sphere of optics and design trends of the forthcoming season on the MIOF. Autumn 2017 fairgrounds.

Visitors, representatives of wholesale and retail companies, ophthalmologists and businessmen will see not only products and services offered by top players of the optical market (Marcolin-Rus, Optic Días, Inveco, Avvita, Megalopolis, Markisa Project, New Optica and many others), but will also get acquainted with MIOF debutants (Einar Group LTD, FRANKO GAETANO, Spunky studio, Optic System Trade, Optiland Eyewear, Opti-Tech, PRIOR Optika, Rebel EyeWear and TECHNO-TAPE).

MIOF will comprise an exhibition of innovative projects and technologies presented by the leading companies in this sector, a special platform for the equipment demonstration, and a conference for discussion of such issues as economic efficiency of the companies during the crisis, the companies’ technologies and solutions aimed at efficient use of resources. Participation in the trade fair is a unique opportunity to present a company and products to a distinctly selected targeted audience of industry specialists. They will be well prepared to discuss business in the Russian market and to close a deal on-site.

The scientific and practical conference on children's ophthalmology and optometry KIDS VISION which will take place in Russia for the first time will become the highlight of the MIOF business program. The conference is intended on the implementation of the following tasks:

  • distribution of information on protection of children's vision, preventive measures and treatment of ophthalmologic diseases;
  • rendering of charitable help to children from underprovided families which need a complicated eye treatment.

KIDS VISION conference features plenary sessions and sections Rare Eye Diseases, New Technologies in Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismological devoted to two main thematic directions: optometric and surgical/medical.

Fashion Showcase, a separate exposition section, will demonstrate vividly the latest tendencies in the eyeglass fashion. Besides attendees of the Mirror. Trends in Optics Fashionable Season Spring-Summer of 2018 press conference will be the first to see the latest collections from Avvita, Alhemer Оptic, Lafont and Kering Group.

The Official opening ceremony of the 21st Moscow International Optical Fair will take place September 19 at 12:00 p.m. in Crocus Expo Pavilion 3 (hall 15).

Online registration which provides representatives of the optical industry with a free admittance is available at the official exhibition website.

The project is intended for specialists! There will be no retail sale!