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Press-release of the International specialized exhibition Import Substitution 2017
5 September 2017


3rd International specialized exhibition

The 3rd International specialized Import Substitution exhibition will be held September 12 through 14, 2017 following the regulation of the Government of the Russian Federation (AD – P9 – 1504 2017). The event is supported by federal executive authorities and government organizations

It is planned that DmitryMedvedev, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, will chair the Meeting of the Government Import Substitution Commission which will be held within the timeframe of the exhibition. Representatives of federal executive authorities of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation, local governments and other administrative agencies will participate in the meeting.

This year more than 250 participants from 30 regions of Russia (Moscow and the Moscow region, Lipetsk, Yaroslavl, Omsk regions, Republics of Ingushetia, Kalmykia and etc.) will present their products and services at the fairgrounds. A significant part of the exhibition is a collective exposition of regions of Russia, which will represent businesses, organizations and agencies involved in the development/production/implementation of import-substituting products.

During three exhibition days, the organizers of Import Substitution 2017 expect about thousands people. It is the leaders of enterprises who come to get acquainted with new technologies and equipment, retailers and foreign investors. Exhibition is a demonstration of the development potential of the domestic enterprises and organizations for production of competitive import-substituting goods and services, their application in various sectors of the Russian economy and promotion on the international market.

The project is a full-fledged discussion platform for dialogue between representatives of state authorities with entrepreneurs. During the Congress program the representatives of the Government of the Russian Federation, heads of regions, state corporations and organizations will share their experience on achieving concrete results in the field of import substitution. Attendees will discuss issues of regional industrial policy and the development of import substitution in individual regions, the support of the authorities policy of import substitution, scientific achievements and developments, contributing to the development of production within the frames of plenary sessions and round tables.

For the first time this year the events of the program will be united by the general concept of the Forum at the heart of which – an integrated approach to consideration of implementation of industry programs (plans) of import substitution. The program of the Forum will unite more than 30 thematic meetings on industries: engineering, medicine and pharmaceutics, construction, transport and agricultural sectors, light industry, consumer goods, computer design, high-tech solutions in the oil and gas and energy complexes and high technologies.

Thematic meetings will be structured according to the main aspects of realization of import substitution policy: regional, technical and technological, external economic, personnel, industry plans and financial instruments.

The import substitution policy on the instructions of the Government of Russia started in 2014 by updating all the industry-specific instruments, introducing new areas, such as quantum and optical materials, radio photonics, nano photonics and bio photonics. Permanent industry-specific councils were established within the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Education and Science. An intergovernmental program was approved to designate and select priority projects that would benefit from government support. This program is expected to be launched this year. A number of branches have already shown the first results (in certain cases – very impressive).The format of the forum means to provide the process of communication and interaction of producers and consumers of import substituting production from all regions of the country.

Panel discussions and strategic sessions are intended to become an effective interindustry platform for the dialogue.

A plenary session devoted to the role of import substitution in overcoming the anti-Russian sanctions will take place September 12. Strategic sessions Instruments of Territories Development, Development of Industrial Parks, Science and Technological Parks and Industrial Clusters within the Import Substitution Policy will be held during the first day of the exhibition.

Development of the national market is impossible without production of competitive goods and services made in the country. The Import Substitution project is designed to render assistance to the acceleration of development processes, production and sale of domestic production.

The Official opening ceremony of the 3rd international specialized exhibition Import Substitution and also the tour at the exposition by the top officials of the state are planned for September 12, 2017.