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Press-release of the Safari Expo. Spring 2017
17 February 2017


Safari Expo. Spring 2017

The 22nd International exhibition Safari Expo, one of the most important events opening spring and summer season which is very popular among hunters, fishermen and fans of active outing, will be held March 9-12, 2017 in the third pavilion of Crocus Expo.

220 companies from Russia and foreign countries will display their products and services at the exposition comprising 7 000 sq m of exhibit space. Expanded floor space is organized into thematic sectors: Hunting and Fishing Outfit, Hunting and Fishing Tours, Technical Means for Active Outing. Separate exhibition sections will be devoted to Tourism and Extreme Sports. It will improve visitors navigation around the halls, make suppliers stands easier to find and provide our large show with more efficiency.

The exhibitors will present a full range of proposals from national and foreign producers of goods and services in the field of hunting, gaming and fishing equipment, special equipment, technical means and vehicles used in hunting, gaming and fishing, outdoor activities and tourism, thermoclothing, clothing from natural fur and wool, exclusive t-shirts and camouflage, convenient backpacks and bags, specialized optics, products from skin; fishing nets, coils, sinkers, floats; rods, spinnings, float tackles; literature on fishing and hunting; irreplaceable accessories; all types of bait; tents and mobile furniture for camping; taxidermy; products from bronze, silver, wood and ceramics; knives of all calibers and other cold weapon; environmentally friendly cosmetics and healthy products from different countries of the world; rubber and aluminum boats, sailing vessels and floating pontoons; powerful all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and a lot of other things. Green Mile Safari (safari in the Republic of Tanzania) will for the first time participate in the project.

Nikolay Valuyev, Deputy of the State Duma, and gamekeeper and forester Kuzmich from one of the most popular Peculiarities of the National Hunt movie visited the trade fair during the previous edition of the project. They made tour at the exposition and got acquainted with the latest developments and products of gaming, hunting and fishing industry.

The organizers of the exhibition aim to bring together on the same platform all key national and foreign players and to offer an excellent platform to encourage networking among specialists and fans, to present the company and products in the Russian market, personally meet a wide audience of specialists, study market conditions, establish strong business relationship and just purchase various novelties for the season.

As its popularity and success rate have grown over the last years Safari Expo has developed to incorporate more than just an exhibition. These special events serve to attract leading exhibitors and visitors and allow all participants the chance to broaden their knowledge and of course their sales potential. The calendar of events feature conferences and seminars covering issues related to reproduction and rational use of hunting and fishing resources of our country, presentations of novelties from leading Russian producers of equipment and gears that would allow representatives of regions to show advantages of the native land in the best way.

Representatives from the Women Hunting Club will present hunting and gun dogs of various breeds. Moreover all willing dog lovers will have an opportunity to consult leading cynologists.

The visitors will enjoy indoor shooting ranges (archery, multimedia and knife throwing). They will take training courses to master primary skills of shooting and throwing under the guidance of professionals and thus will feel themselves genuine hunters.

Skill Camp will be specially organized for all willing to master required skills during active outings and camping trips. The event will introduce campers to the power and practical value of the natural world as they learn to survive and thrive outdoors. Everybody will have an opportunity to learn essential survival skills – navigation, animal tracking, tool making, fire safety – to keep them safe and self-reliant in the wilderness. Campers will tackle challenges suited to their age and skill level, advancing as their proficiency and comfort grow. They will manage to deepen their survival skills and build confidence outdoors.

Kuzmich Show will be held daily on the show site. Gamekeeper and forester Kuzmich from one of the most popular Peculiarities of the National Hunt movie, the first and most notable "Russian national comedy" will become the host of the event. As soon as the movie was released in 1995 it became a nationwide success in Russia, the leader at the Russian box office. The part of an eccentric huntsman Kuzmich was played by Victor Bychkov who will entertain the Safari Expo guests by songs, theme quizzes, autograph- and photosessions.

The Gala opening ceremony of the exhibition will take place March 9 at 12:00 p.m. in Crocus Expo Pavilion 3 (hall 13). After the ceremony journalists are invited to questions-and-answers session.

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