Press-release: Mashex Moscow will demonstrate a wide range of ultra-modern metal working machinery
24 October 2016


Moscow, 17 October 2016

Mashex Moscow will demonstrate a wide range of ultra-modern metal working machinery

25-27 October 2016
Moscow, Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center

Organiser: ITE Group

On 25-27 October 2016, Mashex Moscow 19th International exhibition for sheet metal working and pipe bending technologies will be held in Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center in Moscow. The event is held by ITE Group, a leading organiser of exhibitions in the Russian market.

Mashex Moscow exhibition is a high-profile event for the Russian industry. Over two decades of its existence, it has turned into the leading business venue for Russian and foreign manufactures and consumers of equipment for metal shapes, pipes, sheet metal working and other metal products manufacturing. Mashex Moscow contributes to growth and geographic expansion of sales, as well as helps attract new clients from among the enterprises and entities specialised in metal structures and household and industrial products manufacturing and repair.

Mashex Moscow is attended by over 7,000 specialists from 58 Russian regions annually representing such key sectors as steel industry, transport and aircraft engineering, defense industry, power generation and energy efficiency, construction and other sectors of the Russian economy. For the second year in a row, Mashex Moscow will be held jointly with six other trade exhibitions on a single site: PCVExpo, Heat&Power, Power Electronics, ExpoCoating Moscow, Testing&Control and NDT Russia. Seven exhibitions running at the same time will bring together over 650 exhibits from 35 countries. Over 15,000 visitors will be able to choose the necessary equipment and tools for all production cycles. Surveys shows that 42% visitors of Mashex Moscow attend the exhibition to find products or services for business. 50% of visitors plan to purchase some of the displayed products after visiting the exhibition.

This year, the exhibition will display the products of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of metal working equipment from Russia, Germany, Latvia, USA, Ukraine and Switzerland: Irlen Engineering, Texkom, Sharplase, Router, Zetek, Mashtechnica, Industry Services, RIC Stanko, Ying Han Technology, Purelogic and many others. Ying Han Technology, Mashtechnica, Standart Equipment, Donvard, Ishimbai Machine Repair Plant, Abrasive Tool Plant Korund and other companies will make their debut at the exhibition.

TKZ Zentrum will display Flow International Corporation MACH 3 and MACH 4 SERIES waterjets and ARKU Maschinenbau GmbH all-new Edge Breaker® 4000 levelling machine.

ZETEK will demonstrate INTEK scalar and vector controlled frequency converter that stands out for its reliability and can be used in a variety of industries.

Mashtecnica, an all-out integrator of complex process solutions starting from supply of standalone machine tools up to industrial turn-key design engineering, will present Farley Laser LAB laser cutting machines for sheet metal and pipes.
Obninsk Center for Powder Spraying will present DYMET® process equipment for deposition of metal coatings.

Every year, Mashex Moscow includes business program events serving as an extra tool to attract visitors and ensure commercial success of the exhibition. This year, the meeting of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on the topic “Engineering and the 6th technological wave” will be the key event of the exhibition. The National Association of Engineers and the Committee for Industrial Facilities Process Engineering of the National Association of Researchers and Designers will hold a round table “Engineering in Russia. Current state and Prospects”.

The professional community can visit the exhibition free of charge by getting e-badges at the exhibition website.

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