Press-release: International Exhibition of Testing and Measuring Equipment Testing&Control – a larger and broader exposition | Press releases of exhibitions held in Crocus Expo
Press-release: International Exhibition of Testing and Measuring Equipment Testing&Control – a larger and broader exposition
24 October 2016


Moscow, 17 October 2016

International Exhibition of Testing and Measuring Equipment Testing&Control: a larger and broader exposition

25-27 October 2016
Russia, Moscow, Crocus Expo

Organiser: ITE Group

On 25-27 October 2016, the 13th International Exhibition of Testing and Measuring Equipment Testing&Control will be held in Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center in Moscow. The event is held by ITE Group, a leading organiser of exhibitions in the Russian market.

Testing&Control is the largest exhibition of testing and measuring equipment in Russia and CIS countries in terms of the number of participants and visitors. Over the years, the exhibition has earned the reputation of a business venue presenting a top-quality exposition and a variety of all-new products every year.  Testing&Control exhibition visitors obtain exhaustive information on the market and find technical solutions to tool up their facilities with ultra-modern equipment for mechanical and climatic tests, non-destructive testing, metrology, standardisation, technical diagnostics, in-process and laboratory control. Surveys show that 96% of visitors think that attending Testing & Control exhibition is important for their companies’ operations providing opportunities for direct contact with the top management of over 120 companies — leading Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for the defense sector, aircraft, rocket and space and mechanical engineering, iron and steel industry, electronics industry, oil and gas industry, power generation and other sectors.

8,365 professionals visited the exhibition in 2015. This year, Testing & Control exhibition will run at a single site with seven other industrial exhibitions: PCVExpo, Heat&Power, Power Electronics, ExpoCoating Moscow, Mashex Moscow, NDT Russia and FastTec. 650 exhibits from 35 countries will be displayed. Bringing industrial exhibitions together at a single site enables visitors to find the necessary equipment for various production cycles at a single location. 

This year, the participants will traditionally present a wide range of ultra-modern equipment, systems and technologies in data collection, analysis and processing and testing of products. The total area of the exhibition was increased compared to the previous year and accounts for 3,200 sq.m. 21 companies will make their first appearance at the exhibition, including Gigaprom, GNR NORD, Ivservice, Kazan Giproniiaviaprom, Lucon, NPCAP FSUE, Optimum-lab, R-Technology, RVS, Spectral Laboratory, Spectrante, Test Partner, TMC Solution, TOR, etc. World leading manufacturers of testing and measuring equipment — Kistler, Verder Scientific and Vibration Research — will also display their expositions for the first time.

ZENCO PLASMA will make the first appearance of innovative family of vacuum gauges. Cryosystems will present high precision membrane capacitor transducers manufactured by ATOVAC (Republic of Korea). MILLAB will present chambers from Binder — the world’s leading manufacturer of climate control systems. MSH Techno will present Posley climatic chambers that stand out for their high capacity in a wide range of operational parameters with lower power consumption compared to similar chambers.

Business events

Testing&Control 2016 business program includes the 2nd All-Russian Scientific and Technical Conference on “Current State of Methods, Tools and Metrological Support of Experiments, Testing and Operation of Aviation, Space and Rocket Engineering Products” scheduled to be held on 25-26 October.

The conference will include presentations by heads of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, Roscosmos State Space Corporation, Main Research Center for Metrology (MRCM) of the Ministry of Defense of Russia and Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) FSUE.

The professional community can visit the exhibition free of charge by getting e-tickets at the exhibition website.

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