Post-release of the medical forum and exhibition Health Industry 2012 | Press releases of exhibitions held in Crocus Expo
Post-release of the medical forum and exhibition Health Industry 2012
2 May 2012


V International Medical Forum-Exhibition

April 24-26, 2012
Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion 1, Hall 3

A large scale exhibition and congress event the Fifth International Medical Forum Health Industry was held April 24 through 26, 2012 at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre. The event was devoted to modernization of state and private medical care.

The Forum Health Industry was held with official support of the Ministry for Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation, the Ministry for Healthcare of Moscow, the Ministry for Department for Healthcare of the Moscow region, the Main Medical Administration of the Russian Presidential Administration, the Main Medical Military Administration of the Ministry for Defense of the Russian Federation, the First Moscow State Medical University named after Sechenov, heads of healthcare bodies from Saint Petersburg, managers of federal ministries, departments and public organizations, regions, professional associations and mass media.

The forum Health Industry 2012 aimed to discuss possible ways of modernization of national public healthcare system, development of private and governmental partnership in the segment and attraction of investments into medical sector. The organizers aimed at practical issues also: to raise qualification of practitioners, to demonstrate the newest medical products, to establish mutually advantageous relations with foreign partners for adaptation of the market of medical goods and services to accord with the European level, and to inform the population about effective methods of preventive medicine against various diseases.

More than 100 state and departmental medical institutions participated in the forum and exhibition: medical centres, hospitals, scientific institutions and industrial enterprises of medical profile from 8 Russian regions (the Voronezh region, Yekaterinburg, Moscow and the Moscow region, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Perm, Ryazan and Saint Petersburg).

Health Industry is a scale event incorporating scientific and educational and business programs with a versatile exhibition which is held aiming to increase the professional level of doctors and heads of healthcare authorities, demonstrations of the latest achievements and developments of centres of science, departments and regions in the sphere of public healthcare, presentation of innovative medical technologies, modern devices and medical products, new methods of rehabilitation medicine, balneology and health improvement.

About 2500 specialists participated in the scientific and practical program Russian Doctor of the XXI century initiated and organized by the Commission of the Russian Academy of Medical Science (RAMN) under supervision of Alexander Baranov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science. A number of seminars and round table talks were held within the frames of the conference.

The Gala Opening Ceremony of the 5th International medical forum-exhibition Health Industry was held April 24 in Crocus Expo IEC.

The Official Opening Ceremony began traditionally with the welcome speech made by Arkady Zlotnikov, First Deputy Director Crocus Expo IEC, who greeted heartily exhibitors and guests of the event.

Participants of the opening ceremony:

  • Sergey Dorofeyev, Vice-chairman of the Committee on Health Protection of the State Duma of the Russian Federation;
  • Sergey Goncharov, Director of the All-Russian center of Medical Catastrophes Zaschita, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, M.D., professor;
  • Vladimir Korovkin, Head of the department of innovations of the Head Department of Healthcare of UDP of the Russian Federation;
  • Oleg Rychkov, Director of the exhibition Health Industry 2012.

The guests noted positive development of the project and its active assistance to modernization of the healthcare system, improvement of activity of all types of public institutions, private clinics and sanatorium establishments, development of partnership of private and state sectors, attraction of investments into the branch and also increase of professional level of medical human resources.

A considerable attention was given to numerous events of the business program (seminars, lectures, scientific and practical conferences, round tables and presentations on the most hot topics) attracting the best national physicians.

The international medical forum/exhibition Health Industry in the Crocus Expo IEC is an ideal platform for solution of theoretical and applied tasks of the modern medicine, presentation of innovative programs, technologies, projects and perspective investment. Organizers are oriented to long-term perspective and the extension of exposition and scientific parts of the project.

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