Press-release of the exhibition Moscow Tuning Show 2012 | Press releases of exhibitions held in Crocus Expo
Press-release of the exhibition Moscow Tuning Show 2012
20 April 2012


4th International exhibition
Moscow Tuning Show

April 28-30, 2012
Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion 3, Halls 13 and 14

The third pavilion of Crocus Expo IEC will be filled with exciting smells of engine oil, gasoline and a roar of powerful motors April 28 through 30 because it hosts the Moscow Tuning Show exhibition!

The project is organized by Crocus Expo IEC and officially supported by the key players of the tuning market – Konig Motor Club, Liqui Moly and А1 AVTO Alarm Service companies.

Moscow Tuning Show for the fourth time already holds leading positions among automotive shows in our country. Every year the event attracts more and more participants and forms promptly developing tuning fashion. Shine of chrome, luminescence of neon and flash of stroboscopes draw visitors as a magnet! There is not a single car to pass by indifferently at the show.

About 100 participants, the leaders of the market of tuning services, autoclubs, associations of artists and aerographers will present on one platform fantastic cars, accompanying goods and components: premium class tuning, external and internal tuning, aerography, disks and tires, multimedia (audio, video, individual security alarm systems), technologies and equipment for tuning, automotive accessories, auto boutiques (clothes and accessories) and motor racing.

Organizers and participants of the project have prepared a fascinating show and a lot of breathtaking entertaining events!

The XV championship of Russia on car audio and tuning will be held April 29 and 30 within the frames of Moscow Tuning Show! One will have an opportunity to familiarize with novelties of car audio and multimedia, to estimate car equipment prepared by professional car audio studios and competing with each other amateurs. Besides the visitors will have a chance to see unique projects of numerous winners of championships of Russia and Europe!

The exclusive distributor of Mansory and Spyker brand in Russia, Konig Motor Club, will present a line of exclusive cars: BMW 760 Mansory Edition in a new even more stylish version, Porsche Cayenne 957 Chopster with elements made of carbon and magnificent aerodynamic Bentley GTC Mansory Edition.

NASCAR-taxi with Katia Karenina will be organized at the track opposite fr om the main entrance to the third pavilion Crocus Expo IEC within the frames of Moscow Tuning Show 2012. Everybody willing will have an opportunity to experience being a passenger of this NASCAR bolide (engine 800 hp, working volume 8 l), getting your adrenalin going at figure driving, drifting and to enjoy Katia’s driving skills.

LIQUI MOLY, the best brand of 2012 in the category of lubricating materials according to three large German magazines, will present not only original and the only one of its kind cars and motorcycles but will arrange a magnificent show at the Moscow Tuning Show exhibition!

TOPCAR, a world famous tuning studio, will present two unique exhibits: Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR from a lim ited edition of 25 units and Porsche Cayenne Vantage 2 Carbon Edition aerodynamic body kit assembly with carboxylic finishing.

Need For Speed Real Moscow, one of the most bright and spectacular automotive clubs of the capital, has joined exhibitors of Moscow Tuning Show 2012! The club has been founded on the basis of a legendary Need For Speed game and incorporates many owners of the most original sport and tuned cars of Moscow. This year they are going to display 20 much-talked-of top cars of the year.

Stylish sport cars Audi R8, Jaguar XKR-S and the latest model of Ferrari FF will decorate 5 Koleso stand.

Breathtaking rounds on quadracycles will be held within the frames of the show. The visitors will have an opportunity to become a passenger of the most courageous and dangerous tricks by professional sportsmen at stuntriding, an extreme and fascinating adventure,

Besides, the organizers of the 4th Moscow Tuning Show and Tuning Avtomobilei magazine will incorporate efforts in organizing of a Tuning Parade – 2012 contest!

You are invited to plunge into the atmosphere of unbelievable drive and to receive unforgettable impressions!

Press Service Crocus Expo IEC