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Press-release of the exhibition Cross-Country Vehicle 2012
26 January 2012


International specialized exhibition for high cross-country ability transportation means Cross-Country Vehicle

February 22-25, 2012 
Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion 2, Hall 6

On the eve of the Defenders of the Motherland Day, in February 2012, all admirers of off-road cars, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and other motor-vehicles are invited to the opening of a new Crocus Expo IEC project – a unique Cross-country Vehicle exhibition!

The 1st international exhibition for high cross-country ability transportation means will present four-wheel drive vehicles which has found long ago popularity at fans of active and extreme leisure, and also at all who encounter one of the main Russian problems quite often.

The organizers of the event are Crocus Expo IEC in partnership with a well-known Club 4x4 magazine. The General information partners of the show are Avtoradio radio station, Avto Plus TV channel, Avtopanorama magazine and Business World Internet portal.

The event will present full range of off-road vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, cross-country vehicles (including track-type).

Test drives are scheduled to be held within the frames of Cross-country Vehicle 2012 exhibition. Test drive track for cross-country vehicles with various artificial obstacles (stone scattering, hillocks, side slopes and see-saw) will be arranged opposite from the entrance to the second pavilion Crocus Expo IEC.

Volkswagen Amarok and Volkswagen Touareg provided by official dealers of the company in Russia  – Atlant-M and AvtoGANZA companies – will surmount complicated routes.

Volkswagen Amarok will be also examined in detail at the Atlant-M stand in the exhibition hall. All fans of Nissan brand  will be also able to ask managers of technical center Kuntsevo all their questions about models X-Trail and Pathfinder .

Track for track-type and heavy vehicles will be allocated on a special dirt road located behind the third pavilion of the fairgrounds.

Cross-country vehicles from Transmash factory and OOO Spetstekh will be demonstrated for the first time in action. GAZ Ggroup will present to the spectators two snow and swamp vehicles – GAZ-3351 and GAZ-3409. ECOTRANS will deliver from Tumen Petrovich cross-country vehicles on tires of ultralow pressure. Also a cross-country vehicle on tires of ultralow pressure will be exposed by TREKOL company.

OAO CHETRA will present two eleven ton giants – Chetra ТМ140. The vehicle is operated in the conditions of full impassability, on swamps and dirt roads during bad road conditions. Ability to float that allows easily overcome water barriers serve as indispensable feature of cross-country vehicles Chetra ТМ140.

Cross-country Vehicle 2012 exhibition will produce quite an impression on every professional and nature lovers who prefer driving directions as opposed to motorways!

Press Service Crocus Expo IEC