20 years of successful work!

Crocus Expo today

More than 1 000 000 m2 of space
More than 350 events every year
More than 55 000 participants every year
More than 10 000 000 visitors every year

Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center celebrates in 2024 its anniversary - 20 years of successful work.

The history of Crocus Expo began on March 18, 2004 with the official opening of the first pavilion, which became an important event for the Russian exhibition industry. We had tremendous work to do to create a unique space for holding a variety of exhibitions and business events. For three years Crocus Expo has reached the scale of the largest exhibition complex in Russia and Eastern Europe, confidently joining the TOP-15 of world and TOP-10 of European ratings of exhibition centers.

Crocus Expo architectural solutions, developed infrastructure and technical equipment enable holding the largest industry exhibitions and congresses, business and professional forums, sports and entertainment events of any format and level of complexity. The outdoor area in front of the pavilions provides an opportunity to fully demonstrate the largest expositions.

Thousands of key for the economy and social sphere exhibitions and events have been held at Crocus Expo in 20 years, which confirms the status of the main expo grounds of our country!

Today exhibition projects impress with their scale and variety of the presented exposition, from year to year remaining a place of attraction for specialists from various sectors of the economy. Every year the organizers of the largest industry exhibitions, forums and congresses in Russia hold the main part of their program at Crocus Expo: AGROSALON (Rosspetsmash Association), Bank of Russia, MEDI Expo, PIR Expo, the Russian Society of Clinical Oncology (RUSSCO), DENTALEXPO (DE-5), ExpoVisionRus, ITE Group (ITE Expo International), MVK (International Exhibition Company), Sigma Expo Group, attracting thousands of participants and visitors from all over the world to their events, which makes an invaluable contribution to the development of congress and exhibition activity.

We are proud that over the years Crocus Expo has become an effective platform for business development. We are confident that there will be many more grand events fully revealing our potential.

See you at Crocus Expo!

  • 18.03.2024

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