Rosplast 2024 at Crocus Expo.

The International Exhibition of Machinery and Materials for Plastics Industry Rosplast 2024 will be held June 18 through 20 at Crocus Expo.

The exhibition will be held alongside with the International exhibition for mold and tool making, equipment and technologies for product manufacture Rosmould & 3D-TECH 2024.

Rosplast 2023 exposition will demonstrate a wide range of equipment, materials and production solutions for the processing and production of plastic products by sectors:

  • Raw materials and materials;

  • Equipment and technologies;

  • Contract production of plastic products;

  • Automation of production;

  • Recycling.

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In 2024 business program will be held in four areas during all exhibition days. The events will be held in a variety of formats with the participation of the leading industry experts who will present their practical cases, share their experience in solving production issues, and discuss the pressing industry problems.

A three-day event, which has already become traditional - Plastics and Recycling Industry Forum PlastForum - will take place in the open conference area of Rosplast exhibition.

Professionals from all over the country as well as experts from foreign countries (Iran, China, Turkey, etc.) in various forms will share their unique experience of working in the face of modern challenges that have arisen in the plastics industry over the past few years. Particular emphasis will be put on recycling and extended producer responsibility. "Academy of Plastics" training center is the co-organizer of PlastForum.

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See you June 18 through 20 at Crocus Expo!

  • 27.02.2024

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