The International trade fair for spare parts, automotive aftersales market and service CTO Expo has been opened

The International trade fair for spare parts, automotive aftersales market and service СТO Expo has begun its work today May 23 at Crocus Expo.

Product groups: parts and components; diagnostics and repair equipment; accessories and customizing; batteries and electronics; oil, fluids and lubricants; telematics, IT solutions and software. Exhibitors demonstrate everything necessary for aftersale service of construction machinery, commercial transport and passenger cars.

Target audience interest for both the trade fair and the unique concept for the large-scale synergy of industry projects on one site is confirmed by the statistics of visitors’ registration in its first month: more than 70% of those who received an electronic ticket for the CTO Expo are motivated to find new suppliers, purchase products, and study the innovations of the industry.

Among the key exhibitors are such companies as Fenox, Luzar, Alleya Group, Potrec Zao, Actio Rus, Nptc Suprotek, Saleo, Ravenol, Avs, Tosol-Syntez, Eurolub Oil, Hanse, Niagara, Autospetscentr, Agropromshina, Bonenkamp, Hydroskand, August Air-Conditioning Plant, Italfilters, Lincor-Ts, Mtk Rosberg Center, Podshipnik-Volga, Elektrokars Rus and others.

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Interactive negotiation session of Job Shop suppliers by types of technologies and services (spare parts, components, equipment, customer satisfaction) will be held on the first day of the business program. The session has been initiated and organized by the National Association of Automotive Component Manufactures of Russia (NAPAK) in partnership with the automobile cluster Avtoprom Severo-Zapad. Strategic session New Challenges and Successes of the After-sales Services Industry will be held alongside with the interactive session.

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See you May 23 through 26 at Crocus Expo!

  • 23.05.2023

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