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The first exhibition of Russian-made electronic products Electronics of Russia has been opened at Crocus Expo

The first exhibition of Russian-made electronic products Electronics of Russia has been opened today November 22 at Crocus Expo. Exhibiting at Electronics of Russia is an opportunity to expand the geography of sales and increase sales, meet with current customers and gain thousands of new contacts, negotiate directly at the exhibition and discuss actual topics with colleagues in the electronics industry, as well as demonstrate your products and new developments to potential buyers.

Among the exhibitors are:

  • Commercial vendors, manufacturers, suppliers from the Russian register of electronic products;

  • Leading Russian integrators, suppliers of complex solutions, including hardware and software complexes based on equipment from the Russian register;

  • System and application software vendors from the domestic registry.

List of exhibitors >>.

Exhibitors will demonstrate their products and developments in the following areas:

  • Computing, data warehousing

  • Telecommunication equipment and communication facilities.

  • Navigation equipment.

  • Television equipment.

  • Robotics/Industrial robots

  • Security systems and digital identification.

  • Electronic components. Equipment and materials for their production.

  • Optical, optoelectronic and laser technology.

  • Automated and intelligent control systems.

  • Lighting engineering.

  • Medical instrumentation.

  • Educational telematics.

  • Consumer electronics.

  • Electronic product design services.

  • Software.

The Intelligence of Machines and Mechanisms Forum will be held November 22 alongside with the Electronics of Russia exhibition. The Forum is dedicated to existing and promising technological solutions in the field of intelligent and robotic systems based on Russian developments.

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See you at Crocus Expo November 22 through 24!

  • 22.11.2022

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