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What are the visitors of CleanExpo Moscow interested in?

The key exhibition of equipment and products for professional cleaning, sanitary, hygiene, dry-cleaning and laundry CleanExpo Moscow will be held November 22 through 24, 2022 at Crocus Expo.

On the eve of the new exhibition season, the CleanExpo Moscow exhibition team conducted a survey among our regular visitors, the purpose of which was to find out: have the interests of cleaning specialists changed, given the global changes in the economy? Which suppliers and products are most likely to attract them to the cleaning industry show this year? They conducted a series of expert interviews with buyers of large branded companies, including representatives of cleaning operators, dry cleaners and laundries, as well as retail and manufacturing enterprises with their own cleaning service.

Industry specialists are more than ever interested in monitoring the market and suppliers, searching for new products and alternative products, which is associated with changes in supply chains, rising prices and disruption of the delivery schedule. Experts point out the lack of information about products and brands previously traditionally presented on the Russian market, the prospects for their further work and supplies.

Experts admitted that they are interested in what manufacturers and suppliers offer in the new realities meaning the products that can make a worthy alternative to familiar brands. Specifically they were talking about professional chemicals for cleaning, professional washing of textiles and dry cleaning - powders, stain removers, solvents, dry foam, and preparations for wet cleaning, inventory and consumables for manual cleaning, dispensers, hand dryers and paper products. Companies that rely on maintaining a high quality service for their customers are also showing a keen interest in the prospects for the availability of equipment for cleaning and laundries.

Among the products that arouse the greatest interest, cleaners most often named cleaning equipment and carts, professional chemicals, in particular, chemicals for scrubber-drying machines, paper and napkin products, dispensers; representatives of the laundry business mentioned washing chemicals in general and perchlorethylene in particular.

Everybody is invited to join the participants of the key event of the cleaning industry.

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See you November 22 through 24, 2022 at Crocus Expo!

  • 19.07.2022

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