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Visitors registration for Heat&Power 2022 has been opened

Visitors registration for the exhibition of industrial boilers, heat exchange and power generation equipment Heat&Power 2022 has been opened. The exhibition will be held October 25 through 27, 2022 at Crocus Expo.

The HEAT&POWER exhibition presents a wide range of equipment for heat and electric supply of industrial and municipal entities: Industrial medium- and high-duty boiler equipment; Power generation equipment; and Heat exchange equipment. Auxiliary engineering equipment.

For a large number of potential buyers - representatives of generating and heat supply organizations and industrial enterprises, engineering companies, as well as specialized trade enterprises exhibiting at HEAT&POWER is an opportunity to find new customers in Russia, increase sales and expand its geography. After receiving feedback from professionals in charge of heat and power supply of industrial and municipal facilities, you can find opportunities to develop your product and increase sales.

Visiting HEAT&POWER is an opportunity in a short time to:

  • Get to know latest in the market of industrial boilers, heat exchange and power generation equipment:- industrial medium- and high-duty boilers, using various types of fuel: gas, fuel oil, coal, biomass

- boiler units: transportable, block-modular, roof

- waste heat boilers

- heat supply stations

- burners

- industrial heat pumps

- steam generators

- economizers

- pump equipment

- valves

- gas equipment for boiler rooms

- condensate tanks and reservoirs

- draft systems

- ash collectors, slag removal systems

- industrial ventilation systems

- waste-heat flues

- equipment for water treatment

  • Conduct face-to-face meetings with top-managers of exhibiting companies

  • Compare offers from a large number of manufacturers and suppliers

  • Get experts advices from technical specialists of equipment producers

  • Explore technical specifications and self-study the quality the showcased equipment

  • Find new suppliers and business partners

  • Choose equipment necessary for your business

Exhibitors are manufacturers and suppliers of heat exchange equipment and auxiliary engineering equipment for boiler stations and CHP plants: Detroit Stoker Company, Hamilton, Axion Holding, Biysk Boiler Building Plant, Barnaul Boiler Plant, Aguna, Boiler, Izhevsk Motor Plant, NPF Krug, Profilegib, MT Group, Thermobrest, Teploobmen and other companies.

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See you at Crocus Expo October 25 through 27!

  • 13.07.2022

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