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Conference TeamLead Conf Foundation has been opened at Crocus Expo

The largest multi-format conference for team leaders and managers TeamLead Conf Foundation has begun its work today May 17 at Crocus Expo. The conference features 2 days of immersion into management related issues. The conference program will be useful to both the team leaders of a small startup and an experienced service station of a large company

TeamLead Conf. What is it?

  • Multi format conference.

  • Meet ups and master classes.

  • Networking.
  • Knowledge Conf.

  • Round table talks.

6 TeamLead Conf themed streams:

  • Base. Communications, team work, teamlead tools.

  • Horizons. The stories of well known companies, teamlead outside IT, the teamlead activities from the point of view of business, alternative approaches to management, methods, methodologies, techniques.
  • Yourself optimization. The benefits of mentoring and coaching, solving complex management problems, remote work, career, growth, development.

  • Team optimization. What to do for teams and teamlead in hyper growth; how transformational changes occur; mentoring; how to get out of the remote and whether it is worth it.
  • Organizational communication flows and bridge between industries. Communications downward, upward and horizontally. How to organize team interaction and information exchange.

  • Extracting and passing along experience-based knowledge. Knowledge management, knowledge transfer, knowledge base organization.

See you at TeamLead Conf May 17 and 18!

  • 17.05.2022

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