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Conference Highload++ Foundation has been opened at Crocus Expo

The largest professional conference for developers of high-load systems Highload++ Foundation has been opened today May 13 at Crocus Expo.

The conference is intended for developers of high-load systems and thus it is the key professional event for everyone involved in the creation of large-scale complex projects.

Main purpose of the event is to share knowledge and experience among leading developers of high-performance systems, which support millions of users simultaneously. Agenda includes all necessary web development aspects, such as: large scale architectures, databases and storage systems, system administration, load testing, project maintenance, etc. This year the conference program will also include currently trending topics such as IoT, Blockchain, Neural networks and Artificial Intelligence.

Both current and just emerged topics concerning high performance system developers are covered at the conference: High Availability and Scalability; Software architecture; DevOps and maintenance; Security; Mobile app performancе; Highly specific sections; Databases and storage systems; BigData and Machine Learning; Hardware; Management; Enterprise Systems Performance; Testing; Blockchain; Internet of Things; and Neural networks.

Highload is the largest professional IT conference for developers of high-load systems. It has been held in Russia since 2007, and during this time more than 22,000 people have taken part in it. At Highload, people discuss all aspects of the development and support of high-load systems, from design to hardware and hosting. Speaking at Highload is a dream come true for many developers, and a great success in itself. Hundreds of reports are submitted every year, but only a few are included in the program.

It is dedicated to the development of complex IT projects and focuses on solving problems on any topic that goes beyond the usual - large amounts of data, fault tolerance, real-time systems, a huge number of users, high-performance requirements, and so on.

It is planned to host 3000+ attendees at Crocus Expo. 66% of the participants work in large companies (of 30+ employees), 60% earn above the market, 55% hold leadership positions and have subordinates. 9% of conference visitors work as technical directors, 12% work as heads of technical departments, and 29% work as lead developers and team leads.

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See you at Crocus Expo May 13 and 14!

  • 13.05.2022

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