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Welcome to the National Veterinary Conference!

National Veterinary Conference (NVC), the largest annual veterinary conference covering the key clinical areas of veterinary medicine and veterinary management, has begun its work today October 20, 2021 at Crocus Expo. The conference is held under the auspices of the College of Veterinary Specialists and the Veterinary National Chamber.

The NVC goal is to contribute to bringing companion animal veterinary medicine to a high professional level globally.

All conference materials are selected based on their conformance to the evidence-based medicine principles. The conference program covers most areas of modern small animal veterinary medicine. We invite leading Russian and international experts to speak at our conference, and they share the most relevant present-day knowledge with the audience. We attach great importance to the quality of the information and impose very high requirements on speakers and speeches. Topics and speeches are selected and adapted by the NVC Scientific Committee specially established for this purpose, which includes Russian specialists - opinion leaders of the veterinary community. Following the path of evidence-based medicine, selecting the most important topics every year, we raise the professional level of veterinary practitioners in our country. This is beneficial both to our clients and to the whole veterinary community, as high quality and guarantees of professionalism raise the prestige and status of the profession.

The NVC program covers the most relevant practical and theoretical veterinary medicine aspects.

The level of complexity is assigned to each specific lecture (basic, advanced, specialized). Three levels of difficulty of the speeches: the basic level (for students, young doctors, general practice vets), the advanced level (for specialists, more than 3 years of practice) and specialized (more than 5 years of experience, 2nd – 3rd year residents).

NVC 2020 will run from October 19 to December 25. Each stream will operate on 1, 2, 3 or 4 days and will include lectures and live Q&A sessions.

Please visit the Program page of the stream you are interested in for more details.

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Some of the speakers that will present at NVC their views on urgent veterinary issues:

  • Andrey Komolov, Head of the Cardiology Department of the Bely Klyk clinic chain (Moscow), President of the Society of Veterinary Cardiology;
  • Claire Sharp, assistant professor University Tufts (Massachusetts, USA);
  • Florent Modesto, (Belgium), clinician and head of exotic pet department in Brasseur (Belgium), a member of a number of scientific associations such as AEMV, AAV, ESVONC, ABVP, Yaboumba and more.

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See you at Crocus Expo October 20 through 22, 2021!

  • 20.10.2021

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