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FlowersExpo'2021 – new meetings and opportunities

The next premiere of the most business and beautiful fair of the year - the XI International exhibition of flowers, plants, techniques and technologies for floriculture and landscape design FlowersExpo2021 – has been opened today September 14 at the Crocus Expo. The format of the event is classic at (Crocus Expo fair grounds) and   virtual (on the online platform).

The trade fair FlowersExpo has long been a successful communication and marketing project. According to the rating of the Russian Union of Exhibitions the best exhibition in the industry. For international prestige, the International Union of the Exhibition Industry awarded the UFI mark. Every year Russian and foreign leaders gather at its sites for whom flowers are not only a profession and business, but the main work of life.

Business card FlowersExpo'2021 - 200 exhibitors from Russia and 10 foreign countries, 50+ new products from the world selection, 40+ business events and floristic shows, authoritative Russian and foreign experts.

 The exhibition halls, as before the pandemic, all the products of the green sector: cut and potted flowers, ornamental trees and shrubs, seeds and planting material, products for floristry, technology and equipment.

The main participants in the 2021 season, like a year ago, are Russian companies. Products in halls 3 and 4 of Pavilion 1are represented by manufacturers: Kaluga Flower Holding, Yaroslavl Flower Factory, Russian Flower Technologies, Mokshansk Roses Factory, as well as many operators and wholesalers: Azalea, Flowers from Machulik, JMP Flowers, Kharchenko, Flower Express.

Ornamental garden trees and shrubs - nurseries Success, Imperial, Mont Blanc, Alekseevsky, Vera Glukhovoy Garden Center, Ussuriisky Cedar, Russian Gardens.

The difference for the 2021 season is the increase in the number of foreign manufacturers participating in the exhibition. These are companies from England, Belarus, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland, Denmark, USA, Colombia, Ecuador.

And the number one event is the national pavilion of Germany! As before the pandemic, the participation of German business representatives in FlowersExpo'2021 was supported by the federal government. Among the participants are the world breeder of roses Rosen Tantau, the world leader in greenhouse technologies Kress, the producer of floristic products Smithers-Oasis, the largest nursery Lappen and others. The famous German florist Reinhol Pause will perform flora shows.

Holland also pleases in the season 2021. Which is represented by world breeders - De Ruiters (roses), Dekker Chrysanten (chrysanthemums), Royal Van Zanten (cut and potted), the world leader in greenhouse construction Dalsem company, supplier of bulbous planting material Amsonia, Schneider company, Selecta One, Straathof Plants, USPI Company, Holland pitomniki.

A rich and bright business program of the exhibition has also been prepared. Within its framework, Russian and foreign experts are preparing to discuss topical issues of the industry's development, hold presentations, and share innovative technologies.

A round table on “Problems of industrial floriculture in Russia and the provision of state support to domestic flower growers”. In the program of another round table, the topic "Green standards and quality of planting material for ornamental plants". Suppliers, wholesalers and buyers are waiting for the seminar "How to scale your business and bring it to the federal level."

Bright floristic events are a real decoration of the exhibition. Within the framework of the exhibition, an important event of the year is held: the Florist Cup Russian 2021, the Russian Florist Awards.

 Shows, fashion shows and master classes of famous Russian and foreign florists.  This show "Silver" with the participation of the stars of world floristry, enchanting show "Flower Dress" and other bright performances.

Visitors The Trade Fair “FlowersExpo'2021”, having registered on the exhibition website, will be able to visit the exposition and events at Crocus Expo and successfully work on the online platform.

All participants and visitors of the online exhibition will be able to receive complete information about the participating companies and the products they offer, including about the participants of the offline exhibition.

All events and activities will be broadcasted by the FlowersExpo.LIVE TV channel every day at Crocus Expo and on the online platform.

The exhibition will run till September 16 including.

See you at Crocus Expo!

  • 14.09.2021

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