Flowers Expo 202-0 is ready to welcome everybody!

From 8 to 11 September in Moscow Crocus Expo will host the largest Russian Trade Fair FlowersExpo, in which participate representatives of the flower industry of the world.

FlowersExpo in Moscow, Russia, is in full swing. At first glance, it does not seem to differ that much from previous years - over 4,000 visitors yesterday - but this year, there are hardly any foreigners. Therefore, also less booths and visitors. However with an online format, the exhibition still enables the international audience to participate in the event.

So, besides the products that are physically on display at the exhibition, there are more products showcased on the online platform. On top of that, one can check out the exhibition live as there is a live stream during the exhibition hours, in which several people will say a word. A presenter interviews exhibitors and visitors and another one sits down with the organizers and people from the industry. On screens at the exhibition, live sessions and interviews are broadcasted, which can also be viewed online.

At the same time, seminars are being organized for which one has to register to attend. In the seminar yesterday, Russian importer 7 Flowers, represented by Dmitry Vorontsov and Olga Gad, gave more information about the Russian market. This company supplies flowers and (outdoor) plants out of their Cash & Carries in Moscow, St-Petersburg and Novosibirks to thousands of florists all over Russia.

A webinar has been organized by Jungle Talks in association with AIPH, FlowersExpo and FCI. During the pandemic, they have seen a shift from flower as a gift item or an item for events to flowers for personal use. Also, as we see this trend developing worldwide, they see a shift towards more internet sales. And when looking at the future, they do expect this to remain.

These developments were underlined by Henk de Jong of Decorum, and Anna Smerkalova van Podosink also shared her experiences. She grows roses in a 9ha greenhouse in the northern Moscow region. In March, the grower was (luckily) replanting, she said, which means that they already had a lower production when the quarantine period started. Even though, they still had to throw away about 300,000 stems. They started and increased online sales rapidly after. Another "quarantine problem" they encountered was the lack of workers, which are mainly coming from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. In the greenhouse, about 25 percent of their jobs were unoccupied.

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See you in Crocus Expo!

  • 09.09.2020

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