XIII International forum of dermatovenereologists and cosmetologists IFDC 2020 in Crocus Expo

Everybody is invited to attend and participate in one of the most significant for specialists event of 2020 XIII International forum of dermatovenereologists and cosmetologists IFDC which will be held March 11 through 13, 2020 in Crocus Expo.

It is an international meeting planned for 3 days with plenary lectures devoted to clinical dermatology and cosmetology. Well-known national and international scientists, experts, heads of specialized medical organizations and communities, doctors from many regions of the country will traditionally gather on the platform. Unique conditions are created for discussion of the modern strategy of providing and improving medical care according to the profiles of "dermatovenerology" and "cosmetology."

The business program will be attended by representatives of the Department of Healthcare of the City of Moscow, the chief freelance plastic specialist – the surgeon of the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia, the Secretary General of the International Society of Dermatologists, the Head of the Department of Cosmetology of the SZGMU named after I.I. Mechnikov and many others.

During the Forum, the best anti-aging methods from leading Russian and foreign companies will be presented. There will be demonstrations of procedures and videos. The discussion sites will talk about the most acute problems of modern dermatology and cosmetology.

A unique Cadaver course will be held March 12 from 16:30 till 18:30.

For detailed information please refer to the official website of the project at www.ifdc.pro

  • 11.03.2020

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