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Moscow Boat Show in 5 years after the crisis

Sergei Yegorychev, Director Department of Special Exhibition Projects, tells about the project

In autumn 2014 a new economic crisis began in Russia, the consequences of which both companies and ordinary Russians have been experiencing till today. He also affected the only indoor exhibition of yachts in Russia - the International exhibition of boats and yachts Moscow Boat Show which for 13 years already takes place every spring in Crocus Expo. How much has the exhibition recovered from the crisis five years later? What does it live with today and what hopes are placed on its future? We talked about all this a month before the opening of the new exhibition with Sergey Yegorychev, Director of the Crocus Expo Department of Special Exhibition Projects.

Ч How much has the exhibition recovered from the crisis of five years ago?

Ч The crisis has severely affected the industry as a whole but sales are now growing slowly but surely, so we hope for a positive trend in the market.

Ч In 2015 a number of large brokers refused to participate in the exhibition. Which of them have you managed to "attract back"? Is there any hope that the partnership with the others will resume in the coming years?

Ч Yes, efforts have been made. In recent years Azimut Yachts Russia, West Nautical, Yamaha and others, smaller but "key" brands have returned to us. Some of them bring their new yacht models specifically for our project.

For example, this year West Nautical will present Fairline F-Line 33 at our show for the first time in Russia. This is the newest model of 2019. The boat was an incredible success on the Cannes Yachting Festival and has already received several awards.

In addition, Smart Yachts, Galeon 's exclusive distributor and official dealer, is preparing to surprise our guests with the premiere of GALEON400 FLY. The most talked about and innovative yacht of 40 feet will be displayed for the Moscow Boat Show visitors for the first time in Russia!

The percentage of new participants is also large.

Ч The number of loyal show participants is also really high, about 80%. At what expense will this be achieved? Are there any special participation conditions for them or, on the contrary, for new comers? Is it true that there is a problem of high cost of Crocus Expo itself as an expo venue?

ЧThe prices for participation at the Moscow Boat Show are reasonable and, given the situation on the market, we have not raised them for the third year. Our price policy also includes special offers.

The percentage of loyal participants is really large because the exhibitors obtain the desired outcome. More than 69% of visitors to the Moscow Boat Show are professionals of the industry. Our platform provides an opportunity to promote products and services, search for new clients, conclude profitable contracts.

First of all it is important for us to receive positive feedback at the end of the exhibition stating that the exhibitors have received the expected result and achieved the set goals.

Ч If we compare the ratio of Russian and foreign participating companies, how has it changed in recent years? Did the idea of "import substitution" within the framework of the exhibition work, did Russian producers feel more confident after the dollar had appreciated?

Ч In 2017 we experienced a real decline in the interest of foreign companies to our event but the situation has changed by today.

Around the same time Russian producers began to enter the market actively. For many of them Moscow Boat Show became a launch platform for presentation of their developments.

Year after year Russian producers are more actively entering the water transport market and presenting decent competitive products. Among them are Slider, Berkut-Marine, ENIGMA shipyard, SPEV Company, ASCLAS Production Company, Northern Shipbuilding Company and many others. Our project provides Russian companies a unique opportunity to draw attention to their products.

Ч What is today the main difficulty in organizing MBS? How much is it more problematic or, on the contrary, easier to organize an indoor exhibition in Russia?

Ч If you mean a yacht-themed exhibition, it is quite difficult. The difficulties of logistics complicate the ships delivering to the exposition.

However top brands try to exhibit the most popular and the most demanded yacht models annually - for them it is an issue of reputation. For example Azimut Flybridge 55 from Ultraboats and Galeon 500 FLY from Smart Yachts were displayed at the last year edition.

Besides when making up a decision of participation the exhibitors are guided by requirements of end-users.

Today more and more consumers postpone the purchase of an expensive yacht indefinitely, and opt for a motor pleasure craft for sports and tourism.

It turns out that the exposition in many ways forms the situation on the market itself.

Ч This year a new zone with hydraulic cycles, scooters and other light-engine equipment will be displayed in Crocus Expo. And what other innovations are waiting for visitors and participants of the exhibition?

Ч We continue developing the Water Sports section including clothing, outfit, equipment and accessories for active outings on water.

Also - for the first time within the framework of the Moscow Boat Show - a special Promo-zone will be organized for companies providing yacht charter services in different countries of the world.

Anyone willing will have an opportunity to choose a new direction to go to a fascinating journey through water expanse.

Ч In the MBS business program last year one of the main events were reports by representatives of sailing federations of the Moscow region, Crimea and Chechnya. How will the cooperation of the exhibition with state structures develop this year? Is it planned to involve, for example, representatives of the GIMS for participation in the business program?

Ч From year to year we actively cooperate with state structures, and, of course, we invite the GIMS representatives to our event.

The business program is still being compiled. But I can already state that many interesting events are planned for 2020, organized together with the All-Russian Sailing Federation, leading designers in the field of shipbuilding, international maritime lawyers and other experts of the industry.

Ч What about celebrity guests? Was there an idea to attract to popularization of yachting someone from Russian stars who in normal life are not connected with this sphere: musicians, actors?

Ч Celebrities come to us annually but as visitors. And distinguished yachtsmen are traditionally honorary guests of the exhibition.

Ч What visitors are in focus: those who know what they want and come with a willingness to buy or those who are just curious?

Ч Many come to the exhibition out of curiosity and become fans, sometimes even professionals. Therefore the visitors for us are those who purposefully came to buy and yachting fans. In general, Moscow Boat Show is a multi-format project that combines exposition, business and educational programs, spectacular shows. Everyone finds something in their interests here.

Ч Are there any ideas that have not yet been implemented this year but may be possible in the future?

Ч Yes, there are but if I tell you, it won 't be interesting.

I can only say that it is planned a large-scale event for the whole family, the theme of which coincides with the exhibition within the framework of the Moscow Boat Show.

Thus we plan to stimulate interest to an active and healthy lifestyle, and help form a common hobby for the family and friends.

Ч Organizers of the afloat exhibition Moscow Yacht Show actively "replicate" their exhibition: besides Moscow it takes place both in Kazan and in Saint Petersburg, and Samara was announced. Is there an idea of holding a similar indoor Moscow Boat Show in other major cities? What hinders it?

Ч The market is not yet ready for "replication." We regularly analyze the situation and, as soon as we understand that it has sufficiently strengthened, it will be possible to talk about holding of similar Moscow Boat Shows in other regions of the country. In the meantime we are confident to state: the indoor exhibition of yachts which takes place in Crocus Expo, is the only one of the kind in Russia!

Moscow Boat Show 2020 will be held in the Russian capital March 5 through 9.


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  • 14.02.2020

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