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A Whole Life Long… installation-labyrinth

A Whole Life Long… installation-labyrinth contest of interior designers will be held October 10 through 13 at Furniture Club 2012 exhibition.

Crocus Expo IEC guests and participants of the exhibition will see for the first time works of professional designers, having plunged into the world of original ideas realization. The best design studios, decorative bureaus and young specialists will take part in the contest.

The visitors will have an opportunity to watch the process of unusual interiors creation. The interiors will be notable for stylish, matching and comfortable in common life objects. The main objective of the contestants is to find a balance between usability and the most incredible idea!

A Whole Life Long… installation-labyrinth is an interactive platform divided into zones according to age groups (Childhood, Teenage, Youth, Growing, Maturity) which will be furnished by previously sel ected products at Furniture Club 2012 exhibitors.

Creation of comfortable inhabited space fr om furniture and various articles is a very interesting work! The creative approach of competing designers will allow visitors of the exhibition to sense the charm of this remarkable process.

Do not miss the opportunity!  

  • 05.05.2012

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