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Presentation of superbike from Motorcycletemple at the Moscow Tuning Show 2012

One of the three companies producing custom bike with 360* tires, Motorcycletemple which has been developing and producing exclusive motorcycles since 2003, has been invited to the Moscow Tuning Show 2012.

All motorcycles are manufactured only according to individual projects without further commercial production. All but the engine and 360 tires is made manually.

Later on Motorcycletemple plans to release motorcycles with 400 tires. Despite an exclusivity of these motor creations their technical characteristics and running performance are second to no serial vehicles and intended for day-to-day use.

Moreover the specialists of the company have developed and made specially an exclusive bike for presentation in Russia at the Moscow Tuning Show!

The only known fact about the custom bike prepared for the début is that it will be equipped with the widest tires and it will be presented at the stand of a legendary auto club Need For Speed Real Moscow. Other details of the project are kept by the Motorcycletemple company a secret.

Unique specially made for Moscow Tuning Show motorcycle will be presented for the public only at the show!

* 360 tires are the widest serial motor tires in the world.

According to Need For Speed Real Moscow auto club

  • 26.04.2012

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