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Retro legends in the Crocus Expo IEC

The sole in Russia and the biggest in the Eastern Europe specialized exposition of antiquarian machinery items Ilya Sorokin'S XIX Oldtimer-Gallery has started March 8 in the Crocus Expo IEC.

The Oldtimer-Gallery is a unique show, where one may see all the ‘motor century’ history in live – all those old fashion motor cars and bikes, bicycles and air planes and other rarities, that make together genuine and inimitable spirit of the passed times.

Celebrated premieres, surprises and sensations are promised again. Oldtimers are as always the main stream of the show. This word – oldtimer – is to name the motor cars, that were built before mid the XX century. Old-fashion cars and other belonging to it things is a powerful, formed industry in modern Russia, and the Oldtimer-Gallery show is its center for the last eight years.

For detailed information about project please refer to official web site

  • 08.03.2012

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