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NASCAR-taxi with Katia Karenina is again at Moscow Tuning Show

NASCAR-taxi with Katia Karenina will be organized at the track opposite from the main entrance to the third pavilion Crocus Expo IEC within the frames of Moscow Tuning Show 2012.

Everybody willing will have an opportunity to experience being a passenger of this NASCAR bolide (engine 800 hp, working volume 8 l), getting your adrenalin going at figure driving, drifting and to enjoy Katia’s driving skills.*

Katerina Karenina is the founder of Driving Academy CARenina, TV and radio presenter, a driving instructor of BMW driving school (10-year experience in BMW driving school), a driving instructor of the Driving Academy CARenina.

Welcome! It is worth seeing! 

  • 04.03.2012

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