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Business & Exhibitions magazine

Business & Exhibitions magazine is a modern business publication for entrepreneurs who are professionally engaged in exhibition business, and for businessmen who seek to develop and improve their activity by means of participation in trade fairs and exhibitions. The magazine covers general issues related to economic development, current situation of goods markets and organization of exhibition business. There are no similar magazines both in Russia and abroad.

The magazine publishes extensive information about specialized, international and other trade fairs; about exhibiting companies; about development of goods markets and interrelation of markets and exhibitions; professional opinion of exhibitors about situation in various sectors of economy; descriptions of the largest global expo venues; articles about foreign experience of business and history of ascension of the leading world companies. Entrepreneurs, scientists, economists and heads of departments express their opinion in the magazine.

Monthly columns: Principal topic / Exhibitions and markets / History of success / Exhibition technologies / Expo and congress centres / Business development / Entrepreneurial forum / Discussion club / History of exhibitions / Digest / Exhibitions calendar.

Business & Exhibitions

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Business & Exhibitions magazine