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Accreditation rules and regulations

Accreditation media representatives to events organized by Crocus Expo is held on the basis of a completed accreditation application form stamped and signed by the head/editor-in-chief submitted to Crocus Expo Press service in person or scanned and forwarded to e-mail

We would strongly recommend forwarding all documents well in advance because there are many applications on the eve of an event.

One can complete our application online form or make up a document at your will on the official stationery of the editorial listing full names and job titles of applicants.

Only active journalists representing public, political, business and specialized profile editions are entitled to journalists’ accreditation. Crocus Expo Press service reserves the right to deny accreditation to a journalist without further explanations.

Please note that employees of advertising, marketing, PR and other departments and photo banks representatives are not entitled to journalists’ accreditation!

A journalist accredited to exhibition events of Crocus Expo will be provided a Press badge and all necessary press materials.

Press badges are issued:
• Only during the event period!
• Only against valid journalist photo ID and application form stamped and signed by the head/editor-in-chief!

Press badges are not transferable!

Accredited journalists shall provide to Crocus Expo Press service materials/videos published about the exhibition or links to relevant materials. In case a journalist fails to provide relevant published materials about the event the journalist can be denied accreditation to other events held by Crocus Expo.

For additional information related to terms and conditions of accreditation and answers to questions about Mass media working procedure at exhibition events please refer to Crocus Expo Press service.