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Exhibitions classificator: Industry

About the exhibition:

Classificator: Industry / Fuel and Energy Complex / Information technologies / Radio electronics / Science
Location: Pavilion 2,

Contact information:

Website: www.imzam-expo.ru
Organizer: Crocus Expo
Contact person: Anastasia Olegovna Egorova, Andrey Igorevich Korovkin, Maxim Viktorovich Mishin
Phone: +7 (495) 223-42-14, +7 (977) 526-57-28, +7 (916) 822-47-03, +7 (495) 228-12-06
E-mail: A.Egorova@Crocus-Expo.ru, A.Korovkin@Crocus-Expo.ru, MM.Mishin@Crocus-Expo.ru

Short description:

Import Substitution project is designed to demonstrate the potential and capacity of domestic enterprises and organizations for the production of competitive import-substituting goods and services.