Announcement of the Moscow Boat Show 2016: spring is the beginning of yachting season! | Press releases of exhibitions held in Crocus Expo
Announcement of the Moscow Boat Show 2016: spring is the beginning of yachting season!
17 August 2015


All professionals, representatives of yachting business and all fans of speed boats and boats are kindly invited to attend the 9th International exhibition Moscow Boat Show which will be held March 8 through 13, 2016 in Crocus Expo IEC.

Outing on water enjoys wide popularity – speed boats and yachts, boats and hydrocycles, participation in competitions in water sports cause genuine interest, totaling a large number of admirers both at Russian and foreign audience. In this regard grows demand for relevant services: yachting schools, transportation of yachts and boats, navigation equipment and many other things. Moscow Boat Show is rated number one event among numerous specialists of the branch and fans of yachting.

The event provides an exclusive opportunity to showgoers to preview the finest jewels of the sea. Participated by all the major boat yards, manufacturers and brand names from the nautical world, this is a fantastic event for interested buyers and boating enthusiasts. There is a whole range of boats on display ranging from smaller boats for the leisure market to glittering luxury cruisers coming complete with the latest gadgets, gizmos and fineries.

Moscow Boat Show provides the perfect platform from which to preview the finest jewels of the sea, evaluate market trends, and establish long-lasting and commercially profitable partnerships. Despite the dynamic changes taking place in Russia and the rapid growth of the yachting sector, the show continues to complement and reflect the industry’s demand and is a promotional opportunity not to be missed!

The show will house the best in marine accessories. Electronic manufacturers, outboard and inboard engine manufacturers, as well as boat yards, marinas, yacht services, and yacht accessories makes this one of the hottest areas of the show. And the project will also be showing just about anything else you could need for a day on the water.

From year to year domestic producers enter the market of water transport more and more actively and display worthy competitive products which evidence the development of the industry in Russia. Moscow Boat Show 2016 provides a unique opportunity to focus at national companies which products are not worse but sometimes even surpasses foreign analogs in terms of engineering specification, speed factor and design. We can state with confidence that there is a tendency for 2016 edition – increase of Russian participating companies which are ready to show design developments in the sphere of water transport.

As its popularity and success rate has grown over the last years the project has developed to incorporate more than just an exhibition. These special events serve to attract leading exhibitors and visitors and allow all participants the chance to broaden their knowledge and of course their sales potential. The calendar of events will feature business meetings with exhibitors, representatives of yachting industry and state bodies (State Inspection for Small Vessels, Ministry for Emergency Situations and administration).

Attendees of the show will see test drives of fashionable and exotic crafts (ecomobiles, segways, bicycle hybrids, electric scooters, monowheels, liegerads and etc.), fascinating flights on flyboards over the pool right on show site, spectacular competitions of sports sailing schools pupils in the interactive zone.

The mission of Moscow Boat Show is to contribute to popularization and familiarization of wider sections of the Russian population with active water-based recreation by promoting the cutting-edge technologies and achievements in the yacht industry. The show aims to create an interactive, effective and innovative exhibition area which will allow uniting the leaders of the market, enlarging the number of consumers and admirers of active water-based recreation, demonstrating the latest world novelties and technologies of the yacht industry.

See you in Crocus Expo IEC in 2016!