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IgroMir and Comic Con 2019

The next edition of IgroMir exhibition and Comic Con Russia festival will be accommodated October 3 through 6, 2019 in Crocus Expo.

IgroMir Expo is first and biggest Russian computer and video games consumer exhibition. Key products of the event: computer games, console games, handheld consoles games, mobile games and all other electronic entertainment software and hardware, except for gambling. In 2018, IgroMir Expo welcomed more than 160 thousands of people in 4 days. More than 200 companies showed off their entertainment products at more than 25.000 sq.m. of exhibition space.

IgroMir Expo 2019 will take place at the same venue - Crocus Expo, Moscow, on 3 - 6 October. IgroMir Expo again will partner with biggest pop culture festival - Comic Con Russia, occupying more than 28.000 sq.m. of exhibition space. Expected attendance: 160-170 thousands of people.

October 3 is business day for the event - only press and industry specialists are allowed. 4 - 6 October are public days - the exhibition is open for everyone!

Igromir Visitors are young men and women who make considerable time for entertainment (movies, videogames, music e.t.c.) and who are interested in latest technologies. More than 30% of audience are families. IgroMir participants are developers and publishers of game production; vendors and distributors of computer and gaming equipment; game and online services; Esports tournaments operators.

The sixth intergalactic Comic Con Russia 2019 will take place alongside with IgroMir! Four of the Paradise any day of geek: exclusive presentations, panels and film screenings, the legendary creators of comics, actors, cult films and TV series, awesome cosplayers, booths, contests and lots of fun await guests and attendees of the event! Comic Con Russia is the event of a year for all pop culture fans. You will see latest and greatest from the worlds of movies, television, toys, comics, anime, manga and video games. Bringing the best of popular culture to Moscow, Comic Con Russia will open its doors in October to provide a chance to see hyper-hyped premieres, meet your favorite celebrities, see amazing cosplay and, of course, bring lots of surprises and tons of loot for all attendees!

At Comic Con Russia 2019 visitors will have a unique opportunity to be the first to see exclusive TV show and film premieres, learn of latest board games, entertaining literature and comics and meet foreign and local film stars and special guests, visit photo- and autograph sessions, appreciate colorful cosplay defile and take part in various fan meetings! Comic Con will occupy Halls 1 and 2 of the pavilion (which is more than 28000 sq.m. total), and attendance for both shows will be around 160-170 thousands of people.

October 3 is business day - only specialists, media and VIP visitors allowed. 4 - 6 October the show will be open for everyone!

Hideo Kojima, Mads Mikkelsen and Death Stranding at ComicCon

Hideo Kojima will be available October 5, 16:30, main stage (hall 1). Mads Mikkelsen — October 4 through 6, 13:00, stage 2 (hall 2)

Hideo Kojima's upcoming "cinematic adventure" game for PlayStation 4 is still quite a mystery, but this Death Stranding trailer that debuted at Comic-Con last week reveals more about it. Leaks of the video appeared online recently, but now you can watch it at home in full quality, as the character "Heartman" -- based on filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn -- explains his connection to the world.As you may guess by his name, his heart stops every 21 minutes, allowing him to spend three minutes in "the world of the dead" before he's shocked back to life... for another 21 minutes. Death Stranding will be released November 8th, with a long list of featured stars including Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux, Troy Baker and Guillermo del Toro.

Cyberpunk 2077

October 3 through 6: during the whole day, hall 3, stand H1.

Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2
October 3 through 6: during the whole day, hall 3, stand F10.

Doom: Eternal
October 3 through 6: during the whole day, hall 3, stand F5.

October 3 through 6: during the whole day, hall 3, stand G 1-1.

King’s Bounty 2
October 3 through 6: during the whole day, hall 3, stand F10.

Ubisoft и Xbox
October 3 through 6: during the whole day, hall 3, stand G3.

The entrance is admitted by united tickets, valid for both events.

Do not miss the main event of the Russian gaming world!

  • 03.10.2019

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