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More than 400 companies from 20 countries at the InterAuto 2019 exhibition

The 15th International exhibition of automotive industry InterAuto will be held September 2 through 5, 2019 in Crocus Expo. The project is officially supported by the Association of Russian Automakers NP (OAR) and the National Association of Automotive Component Manufactures of Russia (NAPAK). The organizer of the event is Crocus Expo, rated among the leading expo centres in Russia and Eastern Europe.

InterAuto, being one of the largest in Russia specialized projects of automotive industry, presents the latest developments of Russian and foreign producers of automotive components, garage and service equipment, expendables for repair, auto chemical goods, paint and lacquer materials and other branches of the industry.

The exhibition reveals Russian entities potential, improves competitiveness of national products in national automotive markets and abroad. For more than 10 years the exhibition has been assisting newcomers to enter the Russian market of automotive components and to large players from different countries to strengthen their positions, promoting establishment of new business contacts and search of clients.


More than 400 companies from 20 countries of the world (Austria, Argentina, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, India, Spain, Canada, China, the Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Russia, the USA, Finland, Sweden, South Korea and Japan) and 44 regions of Russia (Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region; Vladimir, Kaluga, Novosibirsk, Rostov, Tver regions; The Krasnodar, Perm, Seaside regions, the Republic of Tatarstan, etc.) will present goods, services and the latest solutions from all segments of the automotive industry. The exhibit space will comprise 25 000 sq m.

There are the largest representatives of the national automotive sector: the enterprises of automobile cluster of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region Avtoprom Severo-Zapad, Russian and foreign suppliers of components, engineering companies (participants of the International Supplier Development Program initiated and implemented by NAPAK); Megalight AO a dealer of spare parts and automotive components; Technocar OOO producer of the automotive service equipment; AkzoNobel producer of high performance paints for a range of decorative and protective needs; Chicago Pneumatic producer of ergonomic, safe and durable pneumatic tools; JTC distributor of automobile tools; INTERPUMP S.p.a one of leaders in production of plunger pumps of high pressure; Pandora developer and producer of security and anti-theft automobile electronics; ROSSVIK one of the largest producers of tire repair materials in Russia; and also debutants of this year from Russia and from abroad (Arsenal, Briz Standart, Dialogue, KVADRO, Henshen TT Saint-Gobain Abrasives, SKYBEAR, AET, Investmechanica and others) among participants of InterAuto 2019.

The industrial capacity of regions will be presented in a new format: various projects and solutions of domestic and foreign enterprises will be displayed in the RUSAUTOconnect special expo zone organized by NAPAK.

Business program

Business program of the 15th International exhibition of automotive industry InterAuto includes plenary sessions and discussion panels, meetings and negotiations with key market participants, visits to the production sites of leading regional and international industrial clusters, industry workshops, consultations of technologists and market experts on the organization of deliveries to assembly lines and secondary market, provision of services, attracting additional opportunities for financing projects, launching new businesses and areas in automotive industry.

The International conference of automotive industry suppliers InterAuto 2019 (September 02) will become the highlight of the business program. The event is supported by the National Association of Automotive Component Manufactures of Russia (NAPAK), the Association of Russian Automakers NP (OAR), automobile cluster of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region Avtoprom Severo-Zapad, Russian Automotive Market Research (NAPI) and the Automotive Business Connections in Russia RUSAUTOconnect.

The leading players of the automotive industry market, Russian and international suppliers of automotive components, equipment, raw materials and materials will discuss features of dynamics of development of the industry of automotive components at a new hi-tech level. International industrial session Vertical Integration in the Automotive Industry, International investment session New Trends and Investor Preferences. Operational Launch and Implementation of Projects in the Regional Industrial Clusters and round table talks SPIC-2. Preferences and Peculiarities of SPIC Conclusion have been planned to be held within the frames of the event.

Various suppliers meetings (Passenger Road Transport, Electric Transport and Charging Infrastructure, LCV, Freight Transport and Special Equipment, Passenger Vehicles) and workshops on supply lines and supplier project support programs will take place September 3 within the frames of the 24th session of the International Development Program of Suppliers of Automotive and Industrial Use Components.

Besides a number of cooperation sessions and B2B meeting intended for search for partners and subcontractors: raw materials, components, engineering, equipment, product development and project presentation, meetings and consultations on the possibilities of connection to the joint project implementation will be held September 4.

The 2nd conference ComTransCon: Effective Technologies of Commercial Transport Operation and Repair, initiated and organized by the Novosti Avtobiznesa publishing house, the Gruzovoy Portal magazine and the InterAuto 2019 management office will take place September 4. The event is intended for heads and specialists from commercial transport maintenance and repair stations, experts of the branch and professionals of the automotive segment to discuss principal issues of the branch.

World-class experts annually take part in the large scale business program. Everyone can choose the most useful format of business communication: plenary sessions, debatable panels, meetings and negotiations with key participants of the market, visit to production sites, consultations of technologists and experts, branch workshops and many other things


InterAuto covers wide professional audience: producers and distributors of automotive equipment and automotive components, spare parts, accessories, auto chemical goods, paint and lacquer products, equipment for car maintenance and repair; representatives of service stations, tuning studios, insurance companies, federal and municipal authorities and specialized media.

Business meetings with representatives of the leading automobile assembly plants and also effective communications with foreign partners on joint implementation of projects in Russia and abroad are held within the frames of the exhibition in format of interactive purchasing sessions, B2B events and negotiations. For foreign investors participation in the InterAuto exhibition is an opportunity to obtain comprehensive understanding of the main aspects of localization and practical recommendations on launching and development of projects in the Russian Federation territory on the basis of leading companies successful practices.

Professionals of the automotive industry have an opportunity to exchange experience, preview new products, evaluate market trends and, of course, attract new clients for establish long-lasting and commercially profitable partnerships.

Join the team of participants and partners of InterAuto!

  • 11.06.2019

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