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The latest achievements of the road industry in Crocus Expo


The 9th International specialized exhibition and forum ROADEXPO

The 9th International specialized exhibition and forum ROADEXPO, a significant event for specialists of the roads construction and operation, will be held June 4 through 7, 2019 in Crocus Expo.

Being an effective show platform and also the center of communication for authorities, business and expert community, the ROADEXPO exhibition and forum makes a powerful contribution to the development of road and transport infrastructure of the country, construction of modern highways, providing Russian enterprises with advance equipment and technologies. The organizer of the project is Crocus Expo which holds the leading positions among the exhibition centers of Russia and Eastern Europe.

Thematic sections of the exhibition:

·         Innovations

·         Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

·         Traffic safety, road service

·         Bridges and tunnels (design, construction, operation)

·         Road-building equipment and leasing


The project traditionally demonstrates full range of products and services for roads construction and maintenance: design and construction, materials for construction and maintenance, equipment for road surface production, bridges and tunnels, road building and municipal machinery, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), leasing, road surface quality control, traffic safety and road service.

Companies from 6 countries of the world (Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Poland, Russia and Turkey) and 16 regions of the Russian Federation (Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, the Belgorod, Kurgan, Nizhny Novgorod, Oryol, Rostov, Sverdlovsk, Tver, Tomsk, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk regions, the Altai and Krasnoyarsk regions) will display in 2019 their latest scientific developments, ways of cargo transportation organization, modern machinery and materials for the full range of works: from design and up to construction and operation of highways and road infrastructure.

Large players of the market and loyal participants of the project such as Kistler, Merkator Holding, R-1 road construction company, Elgard NPO, Acoustic Constructions Plant, TRUCKER, Telemedservice 77 and the companies debutants – Pietrucha Group, Solar Manblan, Santeks Plant, Invar-Eltrans, KNILE and many others will display their products and the latest developments within the frames of the exposition.

Business program

The business program of the project is a complex of events designed to shape the further course of sustainable development of the industry and to find ways leading to solution of current problems.

In 2019 the business program will cover various issues related to bridges and tunnels design, construction and operation. At the turn of the third millennium Russia has displayed impressive achievements in bridge and tunnel engineering due to state-of-art construction methods developed by Russian research teams and applied by engineers. Their accumulated experience in design and building methods has resulted into engineering structures with enhanced quality.

Round table Assessment of Technical Condition of Transport Structures and a meeting of Debating club (Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University) professionals will become the main events of the business program this year.

The round table Assessment of Technical Condition of Transport Structures will open the business program of ROADEXPO 2019. The round table will be held June 4, 2019 (Pavilion 1, conference hall 2).

The speakers at the event are representatives of such companies as Vinci Construction Grands Projects, Avtodor-Engineering OOO, Bau Monitoring OOO, Stroyproyekt Institute, Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University AO, Scientific Research Institute MIGS OOO, TRANSSTROYPROYEKT OOO, TsNIIS AO, Central Research Institute TS OOO.

The meeting of Debating club (Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University) professionals will be held June 5, 2019 (Pavilion 1, conference hall 2). Speakers from the largest players of the road industry have already confirmed their participation in the Debating club program.

Specialists can directly contact at the exhibition and forum Russian and foreign manufacturers of materials, services and equipment for construction, repair and maintenance of roads, exchange knowledge and experience within the events of the business program, find new partners and run a set of negotiations within a short term.

Topical issues in the field of development of road and transport infrastructure of Russia are in the focus of ROADEXPO experts’ attention. Among participants of the exhibition and forum there are: leading experts working in the road industry and implementing construction projects; representatives of local authorities who are responsible for municipal services and transport networks of regions; staff of scientific organizations creating innovative developments for the road economy.

See you in Crocus Expo!

Free admittance.

  • 29.05.2019

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