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International exhibition MEAT & POULTRY INDUSTRY RUSSIA opens up new opportunities.

MEAT & POULTRY INDUSTRY RUSSIA is an important industry platform for demonstrating the most advanced developments in the field of manufacturing high quality products: from equipment and technologies for growing and keeping farm animals, from feeding stuff production to processing raw materials.

The main missions of the show are: to map a complete and unimpaired image of the market of agricultural products in Russia; to demonstrate innovations: all the new agricultural technologies are presented at our show; to discuss the prospects of the industry development and the measures to be taken to ensure the food security of the country's population; to form an extensive business and client sector from companies and manufacturers in the domestic agricultural industry and to create a platform for establishing business contacts with potential partners and leading experts from all over the world.

For recent years, the agro-industrial market in Russia has been developing dynamically: grain, fodder and meat & milk production turnover is increased. According to Rosstat, in 2018 the growth of the agro-industrial complex amounted to 2.3%. To implement the country's food safety program, there are launched large-scale investment projects for the construction of new complexes that require modern equipment and raw materials: micro and macro components, veterinary preparations, as well as solutions for processing, packaging and delivery of agricultural products to the consumer.

For a highly competitive environment formed in the Russian agro-industrial complex it is typical to have increased attention to the problems of production safety, reduction in production costs, as well as innovations in processing and packaging of products for fast delivery to consumers. Addressing the market challenges, exponents will present innovative technological solutions for high-quality processing and product delivery to the counter or restaurant.

Exhibitors will become familiar with domestic and foreign innovations in these areas. Applications for the presentation of technologies have already been sent by companies from Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Israel, India, Iran, Spain, Italy, China, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, USA, Turkey, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, South Korea, Japan. The show MEAT & POULTRY INDUSTRY RUSSIA has been regularly held since 2001.

On 28–29 May 2019, during the Summit (a business part of the exhibition), the subject of National Export Strategy. Interaction between State and Business in the Sphere of Agricultural Products Export will be discussed. The leading experts will discuss the problems faced by Russian exporters of both finished products and raw materials. In particular, the issues of packaging and marketing will be discussed: what should be taken into account when packaging B2C products, which national specific features must be considered when branding the goods, which colours are preferred in different regions of the world, etc.

Speakers will share their knowledge and practical experience in packaging and product design. The panel discussion will feature speeches of leading Russian and foreign experts and representatives of exporting companies. They will tell about the current situation with the supply of agricultural products abroad and about the difficulties faced by new players of the export segment of the Russian agricultural sector.

Discover Russian Cuisine, a festival of Russian gastronomy and food products from Russian agricultural producers, will be held within the frames of the project. The festival was launched in Moscow in 2017 and has already expanded to Europe and Asia. Discover Russian Cuisine is a versatile and universal event which covers professional gastronomic spheres from producers to end-customers. Interaction of all the components relating to products can be found on festival sites. Participants can present the result of their work and can show that products made in Russia are competitive and have all the features to win professionals' and end-customers' trust.

ROUNDTABLE AREA. For the first time, a business space for negotiations will be created – the Roundtable Area where companies can appoint meetings with partners and discuss business with a cup of coffee.

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  • 28.05.2019

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