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Lectures, master classes and workshops in the educational program of Photoforum19

Photoforum 2019, an educational project aimed at development and improvement of photographers professional skills and attraction of a larger number of fans, will be accommodated in Crocus Expo April 11 through 13, 2019.

Photoforum is an exhibition of photo & video equipment,   printing technologies and accessories. PHOTOFORUM International Exhibition is the major event on the imaging market in CIS and Eastern Europe, a traditional meeting place for manufacturers, dealers, distributors, professional and amateur photographers, videographers.

Photoforum-2019 will be held in the successfully verified format focusing on a program of simultaneously running master classes and workshops, and encompassing a display of photo and printing equipment as well as accessories, and the Product of the Year Russian National Award.

The Photoforum ground is divided into several sections: Education zone includes conference-halls for master classes on: Photo shooting , Cinema and video shooting , Printing and Graphics and retouching . The exposition area includes the following thematic zones: Photocamera zone , Printing zone , Accessories and software zone , Creative zone covering Touch & Try grounds, photography exhibitions and Business zone for appointments

Round table discussion on topic issues of photo business and photography will be organized on the opening day of Photoforum 2019. The leading Russian media channels, radio stations, news and specialized resources, also popular bloggers and publics covering urban and photographic events are invited to the event. Leading photographers-ambassadors of brands and top speakers from photo and video equipment manufacturers are to participate in the round table.

Russian and foreign photographers, photo bloggers, ambassadors of the major manufacturers of photo cameras will share their experience in photo shooting on various themes including travel photography, sport photography, fashion and beauty photography, architecture photography, reportage photography, art photography, wedding photography and other themes.

Among speakers will be: Elena Liseykina, Robert Maksimov, Andrey Golovanov and Sergey Kivrin, Oleg Zotov, Aleksandra Manovtseva, Maksim Marmur, Nina Bogatyreva, Russian Explorers, Jan Gasparian, Vladimir Morozov, Sergey Muzlov, Daria Bulavina, Kirill Umrihin, Aleksey Malyshev, Artem Vindrievskiy, Daniil Kontorovich, Viktor Vodolazkiy, Pavel Volkov, Igor Sakharov, Anton Lesnoy, Aleksandra Bochkareva, Ilya Nodiya, Olga Melekesceva, Eduard Jukov, Mark Podrabinek, Katya Mukhina, Lyalya Garbuz, Ivan Dementievskiy, Elena Shumilova, Dmitriy Zverev, George Pinkhasov. Andrey Zhukov, Elena Mint, Nikita Frolov, Viktor Lyagushkin, Olga Larsen, Aleksey Osokin, Niko Nikolas and etc. 

Popular videographers, directors of film photography, video bloggers will teach master classes on filmmaking and video shooting and cover the following themes: video blogging: promotion and profit, mobile video shooting, wedding video shooting, music clip shooting, operating with light and etc. Among speakers will be: Stas Davydov, Artur Mikheev, Sergey Checha, Semen Bagirov, Slava Grebenkin, Sabatovkiy, Alekandr Dorinov, Vadim Sergeev (Qweex) and etc.

Master classes on graphics and retouching that will cover the following themes: batch raw converters, retouching, programs for editing and computer graphics and visual effects. Among speakers will be: Aleksandr Svet, Niko Nikolas, Elena Liseykina, Artur Krutilin and others.

The Product of the Year National Award will be granted within the frames of the forum. The main task of the Award is to define the best products in photo, video and accessories and help consumers to choose from the large variety of novelties on the Russian market. The Award meets up marketing purposes of producers and resellers of the equipment and helps to promote the latest solutions and products. The Product of the Year National Award is the only award in the industry in Russia that is given by a panel of professionals. The jurors are professional representatives of specialized mass media, honored experts in the Russian consumer electronics market.

Tickets are available at the official website.

  • 11.04.2019

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