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Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at the plenary session of the XVIII United Russia party congress

The XVIII United Russia party congress was hosted December 7 and 8, 2018 in Crocus Expo. Vladimir Putin took part in the plenary meeting of the 18th United Russia party congress. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, chairman of United Russia, also made a speech at the meeting

The congress delegates identified the challenges and priorities in the party’s work for the coming year.

“Ours is a free democratic country, and development tasks presuppose from the outset a creative search and realisation of new ideas and approaches. Discussions and competition, including within the party itself, are very efficient tools for solving problems in the interests of the nation. I expect United Russia to do everything needed to instil both inside the party and in society in general this political culture, an atmosphere of dialogue, trust and cooperation with all political forces of Russia”, told Vladimir Putin.

He also expressed his confidence that as the largest political force the country the party itself would advance to a new level in its performance and would become the party of Russia’s breakthrough progress.

  • 10.12.2018

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