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The largest China Business Forum 2018 began its work in Crocus Expo

The China Business Forum will take place in Crocus Expo from November 30 to December 1, 2018. The ideas for business with China, algorithms of purchase and delivery without intermediaries, features of interaction with suppliers, schemes of sales arrangement and advertizing campaigns monitoring will become the main topics of the event.

The China Business Forum will provide a platform for engagement between community, academia, business, government, and entrepreneurs from all sectors that have interests in China collaboration and market access. A events of the forum aim to take on fresh approaches to share and deepen the expertise in harnessing innovation through successful commercialization and collaboration with China as a focus.

The forum brings together collaborators, entrepreneurs and both local and Chinese investors. Session held within the frames of the forum will provide opportunities for open discussion and allow specific insights to be gained into different propositions, funding sources, and market reach.

Among speakers of the forum are: Sergey Gorkov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation; Boris Titov, Chairman of the Russian-Chinese committee of Friendship, Peace and Development; Jian-sheng Huang, Head of the Political advisory board of the Heilongjiang Province; businessman Sergei Polonsky, Konstantin Nosov, Director of Business Development, leader of the Marketplace project in the Ozon company; Oleg Dovgan, founder of Dovgan TM; Tsinyu Tong, General representative of SUNOSURE in Russia and CIS; Lan Weijie, First Deputy Chairman of the Board and First Deputy President of ICBC bank and others.

The forum takes place with support of the Governments of Moscow, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Russian-Chinese Committee of Friendship, Peace and Development, the Union of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Russia, etc.

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  • 30.11.2018

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