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The active work on preparation to the 12th International specialized exhibition and tasting Wine Card is under way!

Wine Card is the Russia's only dedicated on-trade wine event, where vetted suppliers showcase wines, accessories and equipment and connect with key buyers and decision makers from the restaurant, pub and hotel trade. The manifold social program, which precedes the work of the exhibition, the business program and participation of wine experts make the project a milestone event in the wine sector. The exhibition became a necessary link between experts, restaurateurs and wholesalers.

Large players of the alcoholic market of Russia, the CIS countries and from abroad: Luding, Premium OOO, Nevsky Bereg OOO, Wine Discovery OOO, TH APOMA, SIMPL company, Millennium OOO, Vintage M OOO, Delta Club OOO, Mistral Alko OOO, Russian wine house Abrau-Durso, Natsionalnye Alkogolnye Traditsii OOO, wine trading company Fort, Veld 21 OOO, Vinoterra OOO, Exposervice OOO, WTC OOO, BELUGA GROUP and many others have already confirmed their participation in the project. All the exhibitors will display their best samples of products.

For example AROMA TD, founded in 1996, (block 1 and 4 / tables 1 and2) will display exquisite Italian wines from Tinazzi company, various wines from Georgia, cognac and brandy A. De Fussigny and other noble drinks.

Nevsky Bereg OOO (block 2.2/tables 3, 4) plans to present for tasting wine from France: JUST Chardonnay, VDP (white dry), JUST Merlot, VDP (red dry), JUST Cabernet Sauvignon, VDP (red dry) and also a collection from the USA (California): Original Smoking Loon Merlot (red dry) and so forth.

The WTC company (block 1.3/tables 2, 3, 4, 5) will treat with wines from Italy and France: Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Château de Sancerre and sparkling wines Palazzo Nobile Prosecco.

PatruAR sole proprietor (block 3.3/table 6) invites everybody to get acquainted with collection Moldavian wines from Mileshty Mich winery – the biggest wine cellars of the world. The State Enterprise Quality Wines Industrial Complex Mileștii Mici was founded in 1969 to store, preserve and mature high-quality wines. Local ancient underground galleries reach the Chisinau borders. The limestone in the galleries maintains constant humidity (85–95%) and temperature (12–14 C]) throughout the year. The longer some specific red wines are stored in such ideal conditions, the more they improve. Some wines are cellared for several decades before being sold.

The format of the event offers a perfect opportunity to promote your corporate image as well as create greater market awareness throughout Russia, to establish new and strengthen existing contacts and to present full range of services and products.

The exposition is traditionally supplemented with stands dedicated to special equipment (cabinets for wine storage, refrigerators, etc.), wine related accessories (glasses, wine glasses, decanters, wine openers). Various presentations, master classes and tasting set are arranged daily for the visitors of the event.

The organizers of the exhibition aim to create internationally recognized professional networking and interaction space for wine industry specialists, wine traders and consumers; position wine as an integral part of national cultures and traditions of wine-producing countries and regions and promote healthy living and moderate and responsible wine and alcohol consumption.

The Gala Opening Ceremony of the 12th International specialized exhibition and tasting Wine Card will be held November 22 at 02:00 p.m. (Pavilion 2, hall 6).

Welcome to the festival of hospitality for unforgettable impressions!

Welcome to Crocus Expo November 22 through 24, 2018!

Wine Card exhibition and tasting

Exhibition Management Office

  • 07.11.2018

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