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The major event of the industry of TV and telecommunications

CSTB. Telecom & Media is premier event for TV and telecom market will be accommodated January 29 through 31, 2019 in Crocus Expo. The exhibition and forum CSTB. Telecom & Media will demonstrate its ongoing growth together with TV and telecom market.

CSTB. TELECOM & MEDIA for 20 years has proved to be a launching pad for new projects and new TV channels, for uniting of all the market players on the most acute issues. The event annually gets together telecom and TV operators, cable and satellite companies, world media companies and Russian content-providers, equipment manufacturing and distributing companies, broadcasters and internet providers, corporate customers and representatives of the state authorities. 

CSTB. TELECOM & MEDIA is an all-purpose platform for business communication of the TV and telecom community.  

The CSTB.Telecom&Media Exhibition and Forum has long been recognized as the pre-eminent electronic media event of Russia and CIS countries. This year on year success can be directly attributed to the dynamic and foresighted nature of an organization that has ensured that the fast developing technologies and opportunities relevant to this industry, are readily absorbed and placed at the forefront of all aspects of the exposition planning. This has gained CSTB.Telecom&Media the acclaimed status of being the “window” from which to learn and see what will influence the suppliers, implementers and users in both the immediate and longer term future.

The Show will exhibit subscriber home equipment, satellite receiving antennae, professional satellite receivers and transmitters, head ends and amplifiers for cable networks, passive distribution equipment for cable networks, online video services, CDN network, TV transmitters, receiving antenna and set-top boxes, mobile television stations. Visitors from ministries and agencies, regional administrations, telecommunication companies, telecom operators, IT companies, operators of multi-service networks, pay-TV operators, equipment manufacturers, distributors, dealers, system integrators, broadcasters and content providers, etc. are sure to attend the project.

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  • 06.08.2018

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