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Global Exhibitions Day

Global Exhibitions Day held June 6, 2018 is a chance to celebrate the exhibition industry and highlight its positive impact on jobs, business, innovation and local investment.

Global Exhibitions Day brings together the global exhibition industry to: raise awareness about the value of exhibitions to various stakeholders (e.g. governments and local authorities, businesses, NGOs, etc.) and celebrate the people who work in our industry and inspire new generations. A growing list of associations, industry players and universities have announced to join forces to promote the industry and to highlight its achievements.

Online, and through an array of national and local events, people on every continent are expected to join the GED18 campaign, from venues and organisers to students, local partners and public authorities. The event will focus on messages that promote the value of exhibiting for companies, the key role of exhibitions for the development of trade and internationalisation, and the stimulating role exhibitions play in driving innovation and competitiveness of companies. At the same time, Global Exhibitions Day is also meant to be a celebration of the people working in the exhibitions industry, showing the excitement and career opportunities that the

Crocus Expo would like to congratulate everybody working in the expo segment with their professional holiday!

The Global Exhibitions Day is held annually on the second Wednesday of June

  • 06.06.2018

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